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Not sure which cannabindoids can help you?

Confused by all the cannabinoid names and effects? Take our quick and easy quiz to find out which can help you most. Whether you're looking for an oil or gummy for occasional stress, discomfort, energy, appetite control, sleep, or euphoria, there's something for everyone.

hemp edibles

Full Spectrum THC Gummies

Natural, vegan edibles contain legal Delta-9-THC, rare cannabinoids and CBD and ship to all U.S. locations.


Mood Gummies

Feel blissfully content with mood enhancing CBC oil, THC & CBD.


Uplift Gummies

Boost energy and curb the munchies with THCV, THC & CBD.


Sleep Gummies

Relax, and fall into deep, dreamy sleep with CBN, THC & CBD.


Relief Gummies

Relieve discomfort and soreness with potent CBG, THC & CBD.


In addition to our THC Gummies, we also offer extra strength THCV, CBN, CBG, and CBD Gummies without THC.

Shop By Your Needs

Everyone is unique. Click on a category to see which products support your mental and physical needs. This can change with how you feel or even by time of day or activity.

Ready Blends

Rare Cannabinoids Combined with CBD

Get the targeted benefits of THCV, CBC, CBG, CBN, or CBGA & CBDA combined with full spectrum Hawaiian CBD.


Looking to address more serious issues?

Get Advice from a Cannabinoid Professional

If you would like to know more about how specific cannabinoids may help you, we have compiled a list of independent, third-party professionals. These physicians, naturopathic doctors, nurses and clinicians have experience with cannabis, hemp, cannabinoids, terpenes and our specific products. You can search for an office visit near you, or a phone or telehealth appointment.


THC Mood Gummies

Our unique gummies contain delta-9-THC for relaxation,

CBC (cannabichromene) for healthy mood, and CBD.

They offer the entourage effect and can serve as a

foundation to enhance with other gummies and oils.

The Multi-Vitamin of CBD Oils

Rare Hawaiian CBD

Our premium full spectrum CBD is extracted from
hemp grown on the slopes of Haleakala on the island of Maui.
This rich, complex oil serves as a foundation to
build upon with our rare cannabinoids and terpenes.

Quality Assured

Quality Assured

Our full spectrum CBD is grown in Hawaii, USA. Hemp-derived cannabinoids are carefully extracted from legal, American-grown crops. All products are produced in a cGMP facility. No GMO, pesticides, herbicides or heavy metals.

Lab Tested

Independent Lab Testing

All of our products undergo extensive independent lab testing. Every product carries a batch number and/or a QR code which can be used to download the lab report for that batch. Giving you total peace of mind.

Latest Technology

The Latest Technology

Rare cannabinoids are rare because they naturally occur in such small quantities in the hemp plant. As science and technology continue to advance, we will bring you the latest, premium extracts, blends, and gummies.