Autism and Cannabis: Study Shows Promise

Patients in Autism and Cannabis Study Reported Significant Improvements In Quality Of Life.

We love seeing new scientific studies on cannabis and hemp. Now, a just-released study on autism and cannabis shows great promise for people with the disorder.

Autistic patients who used cannabis extracts of CBD and THC perceived multiple benefits. They reported a large reduction of symptoms, with 81% able to reduce or eliminate their use of prescription medications, according to the new study published in the journal Frontiers in Psychiatry.

For the study on autism and cannabis, patients received a full spectrum oil tailored specifically to their needs for three to 21 months, with most taking it for at least 6 months. 

Cannabis Improved ADHD, Behavior, Sleep Etc.

“Patient’s quality of life” and “family’s quality of life” improved greatly in almost all cases during the study on autism and cannabis. 

In addition, patients or their care givers reported:

Nearly 80% improvement in:

  • ADHD symptoms
  • Behavioral Disorders
  • Communication and social interaction deficits
  • Sleep disorders


  • 84% improvement of seizure cases
  • 30% improvement in “avoidance and/or restrictions to food intake”
  • 57% improvement in general “intellectual and cognitive performance”

Autism And Cannabis Study Reveals “Striking” Data

This new study on autism and cannabis says that general improvement in “intellectual and cognitive performance” being observed in 57% of the cases “is very striking since there is no other pharmacological treatment known to improve this impactful and recurrent aspect of severe ASD.”

Percent Seeing Improvement In Sub-Categories

The percent of people who saw improvements in the following sub-categories during the cannabis and autism experiment is also impressive: 

  • 76% autistic meltdown crisis / temper tantrum
  • 72% discomfort in noise / crowded places
  • 67% aggressiveness toward others
  • 63% eating non-foods
  • 62% excessive appetite
  • 62% obsessive compulsive behaviors
  • 56% self-aggressiveness
  • 54% screams and random sounds 

Medications Slashed During Cannabis and Autism Study

As the cannabis treatment progressed, 25% of patients reduced the dosage for at least one type of prescription medication, 56% discontinued at least one medication, and 37% discontinued all medication. In total, 81% reduced or discontinued neuropsychiatric medications after using the cannabis treatments. 

CBD, THC, CBDV and Autism

For this study, patients were given CBD-rich or THC-rich full spectrum oils. Many other studies have looked at CBD, THC, and also rare cannabinoid CBDV for symptoms of autism spectrum disorder. Learn more about autism and cannabis here:

High Times: CBD, Rare Cannabinoid CBDV (Cannabivdivarin) Show Great Promise For Autism Spectrum Disorder

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For more information on cannabis and autism, as well as CBD and CBDV, please take a look at our library of blogs.

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