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Rare Cannabinoids

What are Rare Cannabinoids?

Over the last few years, CBD has become a household name. From CBD tinctures to CBD gummies, and bath bombs to body balms, people are utilizing the natural compound for a host of mental and physical ailments, with most saying they take it for anxiety, pain, insomnia or depression.

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CBD for Weight Loss: Can CBD Speed Up Your Metabolism?

THC is just one of the hundreds of cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. CBD is the other big cannabinoid; it’s non-psychoactive and offers a variety of therapeutic qualities. CBD for weight loss is one of…

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Rare Cannabinoid Company CBD oil

The Truth About CBD Oil: Facts & Myths

Confused about CBD oil and what’s actually true? We’ve clarified some of the facts from the fiction to give you a better understanding of cannabidiol oil. CBD is a cannabinoid…. Fact! Firstly it’s important to…

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Coca-Cola’s plans for CBD infused drinks

Coca-Cola are in discussions with a Cannabis company about CBD beverages. Coca-Cola is no stranger to experimenting with soft drinks. The 132 year old company has recently been diversifying their products, expanding into other drinks…

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When To Take CBD Oil For Sleep

Many people suffer from insomnia and sleep disorders and would like to know how and when to take CBD oil for sleep. Do you wake up feeling like you’ve hardly slept? Perhaps you find it…

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