Boost your mood with CBC, THCV, CBD

As winter approaches it’s important to keep our health and wellness in tune. In addition to a healthy diet, exercise, mindfulness and getting enough sleep, cannabinoids can do wonders for our bodies and minds. See the unique ways in which CBD, CBC, THCV and Delta-8-THC can enhance your mood. With our freshly redesigned website you can now shop by need and find these products under our cannabinoids for improved mood section.

A full spectrum CBD acts like a multi-vitamin for your endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS affects hormones, appetite, immune function, inflammation, stress levels, sleep and more. A good full spectrum CBD oil offers a daily balancing of your ECS. Our Maui-grown 1000mg Rare Hawaiian CBD is a full spectrum oil, offering all the benefits of the “entourage effect.” 

CBD has also been found to raise levels of happy hormones serotonin and dopamine. Boost your CBD levels higher with our extra strength 3000mg CBD oil. 

CBC and Delta-8-THC both increase levels of the brain’s “bliss” molecule anandamide. Like CBD, CBC is non-intoxicating and can therefore be taken at any time of day in any situation.  

On the other hand, Delta-8-THC may have psychoactive properties. It is considered to be about half to two-thirds as intoxicating as cannabis-derived Delta-9-THC. However, most say it offers a more functional, happy feel with less risk of anxiety or paranoia. 

Leafly, the world’s largest cannabis information website explains how CBC, CBD and Delta-8-THC work for mental health in this article: Nature’s antidepressant? Rare cannabinoid CBC boosts the brain’s ‘bliss’ molecule”.

For those who feel tired or lethargic, THCV may be able to uplift them. It acts like a stimulant boosting energy levels and suppressing appetite. Lean about and buy THCV here.

We recommend using our Rare Hawaiian CBD or your own favorite full or broad spectrum CBD as a base oil. Then, add rare cannabinoids and mix and match them according to your needs. Start with low doses and adjust as necessary. 

Be sure to eat well, enjoy nature, and relax into this new season. 

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