Can CBD, THC & THCV Offer a Healthy Alternative to Alcohol & Drugs?

Many people are trying to eat, drink, and smoke less, or take fewer drugs (legal or otherwise).

We often turn to these substances to feel more relaxed, happier, more sociable, or sleep better. The latest studies show that THCV, CBD, THC and other hemp cannabinoids may offer a healthier way to achieve those goals. See the potential benefits and click on the hyperlinked studies for full details.

THCV Studied For Nicotine & Substance Abuse

THCV(tetrahydrocannabivarin) is best known for reducing hunger, increasing energy, and aiding weight loss. However, it also shows great potential for reducing nicotine cravings and addiction to other substances. Buy THCV oil tincture or gummies here.

CBD For Alcohol, Opioid & Stimulant Abuse?

  • This 2019 animal study on CBD for alcohol use disorder found that CBD reduced alcohol intake, desire for alcohol, relapse, anxiety and impulsivity.
  • This 2015 review of 14 scientific studies (9 on animals and 5 on humans) suggests that CBD oil may help reduce addictions to cocaine, opioids, stimulants, and tobacco. 

See our blog on CBD and alcohol for more information and links to many other studies. Buy Hawaiian CBD oils and gummies here. 

THC Found To Reduce Alcohol Intake

Drinking levels spiked over the Covid lockdown period. Subsequently, many people turned to cannabis for relaxation and relief without the adverse effects of alcohol. The primary cannabinoid in cannabis is THC.  

  • This study on heavy drinkers in Colorado found that they drank nearly 30% fewer drinks when taking cannabis.
  • This medical review: Can cannabis be considered a substitute medication for alcohol? found that THC passed almost all criteria to be a substitute therapy for alcohol (like nicotine replacements for smokers or methadone for heroin addicts). However, due to insufficient studies on THC due to its legal gray area, more research is needed.

We offer THC Mood Gummies that are derived from hemp and can be shipped to all 50 states. In addition to 5 mg THC in each gummy, they contain high levels of CBC for mood improvement and CBD for stress relief. Buy THC Mood Gummies here.

Cannabinoids for Sleep, Sociability, Mood

People turn to alcohol and other substances for a variety of reasons. Here are a few more cannabinoids and the benefits they may offer. Click to learn more and shop.

  • CBN for sleep: CBN (cannabinol) is believed to be the most sedative cannabinoid and offers deep relaxation.
  • CBC for low mood: CBC and THC were found to offer the most anti-depressant-like effects of all cannabinoids. CBC is not intoxicating and can therefore be taken any time of day or before any activity.
  • CBDV for sociability. CBDV offers relief from stress, irritability, and may aid memory. It is being studied in people with autism spectrum disorder for potential benefits to social interactions and behavioral issues.

Whatever health and wellness goals you have for 2023, we wish you a lot of luck and strength to persevere!