How To Take CBD & Rare Cannabinoids: Oils, Gummies & Dosage

Are you interested in taking CBD or rare cannabinoids but are unsure where to begin? Or have you tried THCV for weight loss, CBG for pain relief, or CBN for sleep, but felt they didn’t work for you? When it comes to CBD and cannabinoid dosing, there are a few things you need to know. And, a few surprising facts!

Rare Cannabinoid Company’s CBD and rare cannabinoid oils and gummies each offer unique effects, from appetite suppression to deep sleep, but they must be taken correctly for one to feel their full benefits.

For one, dosage will vary depending on your weight and health, the cannabinoid you’re taking, and what you’re taking it for.

Interestingly, CBD and cannabinoids work in a different manner from many medications and supplements. These hemp compounds need to build up in your endocannabinoid system for you to feel their full effects. This means consistently taking them around the same time each day to saturate your system. Unlike fast-acting and addictive drugs, you will not need to take more over time to receive the same effect. Instead, it is better to start with a higher does and then cut back once you are receiving the full benefits of the cannabinoid, which may take a few weeks.

Additionally, there are three main ways to take rare cannabinoids: as single extracts, as part of a full spectrum product, or in gummy form. Lastly, there are a few important tips to keep in mind: taking a product on an empty stomach will offer greater immediate effects, and each cannabinoid will have a stronger effect when combined with other cannabinoids or terpenes.

Here’s a quick guide to CBD and rare cannabinoid dosing. We have tried to answer the questions we get asked most often.

How does CBD work?

All humans have an endocannabinoid system. This system is responsible for maintaining balance in the body – also known as homeostasis. Cannabinoids, like CBD, help to support this system and keep our physiology functioning optimally.

Dosage depends on the size of a person, how out of balance their system is, and what they are taking hemp / cannabis products for. For example, doctors may prescribe a very high dose of pharmaceutical CBD (Epidiolex) for someone with severe seizures. Whereas, people taking cannabinoids for general physical or mental wellness should take a lower dose.

CBD and cannabinoid dosing: How many milligrams?

We recommend consuming no more than 70 mg total cannabinoids per day unless advised to do so by your physician. This means adding up all milligrams of Rare Cannabinoid Company oils and gummies as well as any other THC, CBD or other cannabinoids you may be taking orally.

Here are the milligram amounts in one spray or one gummy:

  • One spray of a single extract of CBC, CBDA, CBDV, CBG, CBN, or THCV contains 6.7 mg pure cannabinoid
  • One spray of a full spectrum ready blend contains 3.3 mg CBC, CBG, CBN, or THCV and 3.3 mg full spectrum CBD),
  • Each cannabinoid gummy contains: 25 mg THCV or 30 mg CBN, 30 mg CBG, or 30 mg CBD.

How much CBD or cannabinoids should I start with?

We recommend taking one to five sprays of our tinctures at a time or half to one rare cannabinoid gummy (a THCV gummy, CBN gummy, or CBG gummy) and combining it with half to one CBD gummy.

As we mentioned above, cannabinoids work best when taken daily so they build up in your system. For this reason, you may want to start with a larger dose. Then, once your endocannabinoid system is saturated, you can cut back and continue to feel the same or enhanced effects.

People’s reactions to CBD and minor cannabinoids varies so greatly that we recommend keeping a journal of time, dosage, and effects felt so you can adjust accordingly.

Project CBD, an informational website, quotes a doctor saying that dosing cannabis is unlike any other agent he learned about during medical training. “I’ve seen adult patients achieve therapeutic effects at 1 mg of total cannabinoids daily, while others consume over 2000 mgs daily without adverse effects,” said Dustin Sulak, D.O.

Despite the extremely high cannabinoid dose mentioned by that doctor, we would never recommend taking more than 70 mg total cannabinoids per day unless advised by your physician.

CBD doses up to 300 mg per day have been used safely for up to six months, in studies cited by the Mayo Clinic here. However, the same paper notes that other studies showed that very high doses of CBD have been found to affect sleep, decrease appetite, and negatively alter liver function.

If you are taking other medications, make sure to discuss any potential interactions before taking CBD or cannabinoids.

Should I take CBD or rare cannabinoids alone or combine them?

Each rare cannabinoid and terpene offers unique effects and benefits. This is why we recommend taking specific cannabinoids for your individual needs.

However, cannabinoids work best when taken together for the “entourage effect.” This is a phenomenon where the various compounds in cannabis or hemp work together to produce a stronger effect than any one of the compounds on its own.

This is why we suggest mixing and matching cannabinoids for the best effects. Scroll down for a full explanation of our single extracts, ready blends, and gummies. There are many possible combinations, but here are a couple examples:

What time of day should I take cannabinoids?

This depends largely on which cannabinoids you’re taking. THCV acts like a stimulant, boosting energy and suppressing hunger, so it would be best to take THCV gummies and oils in the morning. Whereas, CBN promotes relaxation and sleep, so it is best to take CBN for sleep at night. Other cannabinoids could be taken at any time of day. These include CBC oils, which improve mood through raising levels of the brain’s happiness molecule, anandamide, or CBG gummies and oils, which promote joint health and reduce inflammation.

If I don’t feel the effect right away, should I take more?

Cannabinoids work in a very different manner to many pharmaceutical drugs and natural supplements. Cannabinoids should be taken daily so that they build up and saturate one’s system. This is when they offer their greatest benefits. It’s therefore best to take a cannabinoid at roughly the same time daily for at least a couple weeks before judging how it’s working for you.

We recommend starting with a higher dose, taking it regularly, then lowering it once you are feeling its full effects. Unlike fast-acting and addictive drugs, you do not need to increase your cannabinoid dosage to feel it’s original effects. Instead, once cannabinoids begin to saturate a person’s system they usually feel more and more effects the longer they take them.

(The only cannabinoid we’ve heard may act differently is Delta-8-THC, which some people say they need to take more of to feel the same effects as when they first tried it. Due to its confusing legal status and psychoactive profile, we do not sell Delta-8-THC.)

How much THCV for weight loss or CBN for sleep?

It’s important to understand that people’s reactions to cannabinoids and the strength to which they feel them vary greatly. For example, some people say that a single spray of THCV or half a THCV gummy wakes them up and that they don’t feel hungry for hours. Similarly, with CBG, some people will feel relief almost immediately after taking CBG for post-exercise pain and inflammation. And with CBN, some people fall asleep right away and stay asleep all night. However, other people will take larger doses of THCV, CBG or CBN for several weeks before noticing an obvious difference. Longer lasting feelings of stress or low mood appear to take longer to improve with CBC or CBD, however once people feel their effects, they are often extremely beneficial.

Should I take cannabinoids on an empty stomach?

While it is not necessary to take them on an empty stomach, you will usually feel the effects (such as CBD and CBDV for stress and irritability, THCV for appetite suppression, and CBN for sleep) more quickly and strongly if taken on an empty stomach. However, if you have a very sensitive stomach, you may want to eat a little beforehand. (We’ve never received complaints of cannabinoids causing an upset stomach when taken on an empty stomach, but believe it could be possible.)

Single extract, full spectrum blend, or gummies?

As we said above, cannabinoids work best when combined for the “entourage effect.” Learn how to take our products here:

  • Apothecary Line: Our single extracts each contain just one cannabinoid: THCV, CBDA, CBDV, CBD, CBC, CBG, or CBN. We recommend taking one to three sprays of a single cannabinoid and combining it with our full spectrum Hawaiian CBD or your own favorite broad or full spectrum oil. This offers the unique effects of that specific cannabinoid as well as the entourage effect.
  • Ready Blends: For a one-and-done option, our full spectrum blends combine a large amount of a single cannabinoid (CBC, CBG, CBN, or THCV) with our full spectrum Hawaiian CBD. They can be taken as a whole hemp supplement without adding other cannabinoids.
  • Cannabinoid Gummies are ideal for people who enjoy the taste of naturally flavored strawberry CBD gummies, huckleberry CBN gummies, green apple CBG gummies or lemon THCV gummies. They are very strong, so we recommend taking just half to one rare cannabinoid gummy at a time and combining it with half to one CBD gummy for the entourage effect.

What does each rare cannabinoid do?

To learn about all the effects and benefits of each cannabinoid and product, please explore our rare cannabinoid blogs and product pages for information and links to clinical studies.