Best Edibles For Anxiety

Best Edibles For Anxiety Include Delta-9-THC Gummies, CBN Sleep Gummies, CBD Calm Gummies, CBG Pain Gummies

What are the best edibles for anxiety? Herb Magazine rounded up the “10 Best Weed Edibles To Melt Away Your Anxiety.” Guess which product topped their chill list? Rare Cannabinoid Company’s THC Mood Gummies! See what they said about our stress-busting gummies or scroll down for our other favorite calming edibles. After all, anxiety comes in…

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Autism and Cannabis: Study Shows Promise


Patients in Autism and Cannabis Study Reported Significant Improvements In Quality Of Life. We love seeing new scientific studies on cannabis and hemp. Now, a just-released study on autism and cannabis shows great promise for people with the disorder. Autistic patients who used cannabis extracts of CBD and THC perceived multiple benefits. They reported a…

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Do Terpenes Work?


Are you curious about terpenes? Like CBD, THC, and rare cannabinoids, terpenes are compounds that naturally occur in hemp, cannabis, and other plants.  These oils have specific effects as well as unique aromas. In fact, terpenes have a major influence on how specific cannabis strains taste and feel. For example, a terpene called “myrcene” provides the sedative…

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Marijuana Laws: U.S. Health Officials Call For Easing Restrictions


Marijuana laws may be changing. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has suggested making it easier for people to use marijuana, as stated by a spokesperson from the department on Wednesday. This suggestion comes after President Biden’s request for a review last year. Please note that for this blog, the term “marijuana”…

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CBDV Price Drop: Now 33% Less!


CBDV, Cannabidivarin, May Support Sociability, Reduce Irritability & Is Being Studied For Autism & ADHD We recently dropped the price of our CBDV Oil Tincture by 33%! What is CBDV? Cannabidivarin is a unique cannabinoid that has been found to improve sociability and memory while reducing irritability. Like CBD, it also shows promise for seizures, stress relief, and…

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Leafly Tried Our THCV Gummies


See Their Effects On The Reviewer’s Appetite, Attention Span, Energy Levels & What Happened When She Combined Them With Our THC Mood Gummies! Have you tried our extra strength THCV Gummies yet? Curious if they work for energy, focus, and decreased appetite? What happens if you combine them with our THC Mood Gummies? We sent…

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What is THCA vs Delta 9?

THCA vs Delta 9 THC oil on background of hemp cannabis plant.

What is THCA vs Delta 9 THC? There are multiple forms of THC out there, but what are the differences between them? There are THCA, multiple forms of THC (Delta 8, Delta 9, Delta 10 etc.), THCV and more. Recently, when writing about our non-psychoactive THCV gummies, some readers wrote in confusing THCA flower with…

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