CBD Oil for Autism: Can CBD or rare cannabinoid CBDV help?


Have you seen the recent news and scientific studies on CBD oil for autism? Both CBD (cannabidiol) and rare cannabinoid CBDV (cannabidivarin) show potential for aiding some of the behavioral aspects associated with autism. These include stress, irritability, self-injury, repetitive behaviors, and sleep problems. In this article, we will look at laboratory, animal, and human…

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420 Deals & Freebies!

THC-THCV-Uplift-Gummies-and-THC-Mood-Gummies-with-CBC-cannabinoid-and-CBD-from-Rare-Cannabinoid-Company. 420 sales and offers on hemp and cannabis.

Rare Cannabinoid Company’s 420 deals on THC Mood Gummies, THC + THCV Uplift Gummies, Hawaiian CBD Oil, CBC cannabinoid, and CBG oil tinctures.

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Alcohol and Cannabis: Is Cannabis Replacing Beer?

A pint of beer is seen with Rare Cannabinoid Company THC + THCV Uplift Gummies. The beach scene is used for a blog on alcohol and cannabis.

Is cannabis replacing beer? A new study in Canada says yes. American states that have legalized cannabis have also reported a decline in alcohol sales. This could be because most Americans view alcohol as far more harmful than cannabis, according to a recent poll. Let’s dive into the latest studies and polls on alcohol and cannabis.…

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Can CBD improve your sex life?


When we think of sex, we don’t usually think of cannabis or hemp. After all, marijuana and virility don’t really seem to go together. Perhaps that’s because we have an outdated image of college students passed out after too many bong hits. But, can CBD really improve your sex life after all? Yes! CBD and…

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What is THCA vs Delta 9?

THCA vs Delta 9 THC oil on background of hemp cannabis plant.

What is THCA vs Delta-9-THC? There are multiple forms of THC out there, but what are the differences between them? There are THCA, Delta-8-THC, Delta-9-THC, Delta-10-THC etc., THCV and more. Recently, when writing about our energizing, appetite curbing THCV gummies, some readers wrote in confusing THCA flower with THCV oils and our THC Mood Gummies.…

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THCV For Weight Loss?

THCV weight loss gummies women man running

Does THCV for weight loss work? THCV (tetrahydrocannabivarin) is a rare cannabinoid that boosts energy and curbs hunger. If you’re looking to buy THCV gummies, THCV isolate for sale, THC + THCV gummies, high THCV strains, or general information on the potential of THCV weight loss, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll answer all…

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Kickstart Weight Loss Resolutions with THCV

Woman shows weight loss in baggy jeans for THCV weight loss blog.

Rare cannabinoid THCV boosts energy and controls appetite. See if THCV weight loss can work for you. As the New Year rolls around, most of us come up with New Year Resolutions. The most-popular resolution is to get in shape, improve our fitness and lose weight. It’s a noble cause, but how many times have…

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