Delta-9-THC: What To Know


Delta-9-THC can both relax and uplift one’s mood while offering relief from temporary pain, inflammation, and nausea. It is the primary cannabinoid found in cannabis but also exists in hemp.  Our hemp-derived Delta-9-THC Mood Gummies are legal and ship to all 50 states. This is allowed because they are made with a full spectrum hemp…

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Is Delta 9 Safe?


Delta-9-THC gummies are increasingly found online and in stores across the United States. In fact, Delta-9-THC gummies can be shipped to all 50 states. This is confusing to many people because Delta-9-THC is the primary active compound found in cannabis. So, what is Delta-9-THC? Is Delta 9 safe? What’s the difference between Delta-8 vs Delta-9…

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CBD For Pain: Does CBD Cream For Pain Work?


Are you looking for a CBD / cannabidiol pain cream? CBD can be a powerful ally in relieving temporary discomfort and offering stress resilience. There are many hemp oils and topical pain relief creams on the market these days. But, does taking CBD for pain work? Which pain creams are best? Read on to learn…

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CBD for Depression? Which Cannabinoid is Best for Anxiety & Low Mood?

Many people feel stress or experience low mood, especially during the cold, dark, winter season. How do you know when a temporary low mood is turning into depression and what can you do to alleviate it? Here, we will look at depression symptoms, what causes depression, and answer your questions on potential natural remedies, lifestyle…

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Can CBD, THC & THCV Offer a Healthy Alternative to Alcohol & Drugs?


Many people are trying to eat, drink, and smoke less, or take fewer drugs (legal or otherwise). We often turn to these substances to feel more relaxed, happier, more sociable, or sleep better. The latest studies show that THCV, CBD, THC and other hemp cannabinoids may offer a healthier way to achieve those goals. See…

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Happy Holidays! + 2022 Recap


Mele Kalikimaka (Merry Christmas)! It may be warm and sunny here in Hawaii, but we’re full of holiday cheer! We’ve had a wonderful year and are thankful for our customers and the increased interest in hemp and all of its amazing benefits. We wish you a very happy holiday season full of health, fun and…

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Best CBD for Dogs & Cats


Are you looking for the best CBD for dogs or cats? CBD oil for pets has become increasingly popular. This product of the hemp plant may be able to support stress resilience and ease temporary discomfort. When looking at CBD pet products, it’s important to understand the differences between isolate, broad spectrum, and full spectrum…

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CBD for Joints


Are you looking for a natural way to relieve joint pain? CBD (cannabidiol) may be worth considering. This non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis and hemp plants offers a range of potential health benefits. We are often asked about CBD for joint pain and the best joint pain cream. In fact, we have just improved the…

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CBDV Effects & Benefits


Cannabidivarin (CBDV) is a cannabinoid found in hemp and cannabis plants, similar to cannabidiol (CBD). While there are similarities between the two compounds, there are also some key differences in their effects and potential uses. This post will provide an overview of the effects and benefits of CBDV, where you can find CBDV for sale,…

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CBD Hot Chocolate Bombs Recipe


Have you tried a hot chocolate bomb yet? Festive and delicious, they are balls of chocolate containing hot cocoa and marshmallows. Drop a bomb in a mug of warm milk, watch the chocolate melt, releasing an explosion of hot cocoa powder and marshmallows. Stir and enjoy! What could be better? How about an infused chocolate…

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