CBDV Effects & Benefits

Cannabidivarin (CBDV) is a cannabinoid found in hemp and cannabis plants, similar to cannabidiol (CBD). While there are similarities between the two compounds, there are also some key differences in their effects and potential uses. This post will provide an overview of the effects and benefits of CBDV, where you can find CBDV for sale, and emerging scientific research on the rare cannabinoid’s potential benefits for epilepsy, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), attention deficit disorder (ADHD), muscular dystrophy, Rett syndrome, and Prader-Willi syndrome.

Rare Cannabinoid Company’s CBDV oil tincture is seen with pure cannabinoid oils of CBDA, CBC, THCV, CBN, CBG, and CBD. Each cannabinoid offers unique effects and benefits. They can be combined with each other for customized wellness.

What is CBDV?

Cannabidivarin is one of many cannabinoids found in hemp and cannabis plants and is known as a rare cannabinoid, since it appears in significantly smaller concentrations than more common cannabinoids like THC or CBD. It is a homolog of cannabidiol, meaning that it shares almost the same molecular structure, with a slight difference in its side chain. CBDV effects include increased sociability and focus as well as decreased irritability. Scroll down for more information and links to scientific studies. Or, read our related blog: Cannabis Varins: THCV & CBDV Effects.

Where to find CBDV for sale

Although rare cannabinoids are found naturally in very small quantities, advances in breeding and extraction methods have made it possible to buy it on its own. Rare Cannabinoid Company was the first, and is believed to still be the only brand, to produce a pure CBDV oil tincture.


Much like CBD, CBDV is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, meaning that it does not get you high, and is good for the temporary relief of stress and inflammation. Also like CBD, it shows great promise in the treatment of epilepsy. Studies on CBDV for epilepsy include:

CBDV Effects & Benefits

The rare cannabinoid is believed to offer many additional benefits including promoting sociability, focus and memory, and reducing irritability. There are also many ongoing studies on CBDV for potential benefits for various conditions including autism spectrum disorder (ASD), anxiety, attention deficit disorder (ADHD), muscular dystrophy, Rett Syndrome and Pader-Willi Syndrome.

CBDV autism studies

Autism spectrum disorder is a neurological disorder that affects communication and behavior development. Researchers are seeing if CBDV may have a role in reducing the symptoms. These include potentially improving social function, communication, memory and cognitive abilities, while reducing irritability and repetitive behaviors. It is being studied on both animal models of autism and in children and adults with autism. See our blog on CBDV and CBD for autism or click on a study below:

Anxiety and GABA levels

In the first study mentioned above on CBDV for autism, also linked here, researchers found unexpected data regarding CBDV and anxiety. The compound appears to impact production of the neurotransmitter GABA. GABA is known for producing a calming effect and is believed to have a big influence on levels of anxiety and fear. If future research concludes that it increases GABA levels, this could have an impact on anxiety, and other mental health conditions.

ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is characterized by inattentiveness, impulsiveness , a difficulty focusing, and sometimes hyperactivity. It is the most frequently occurring neuro-developmental disorder in children and often lasts into adulthood. CBDV is being studied for potential therapeutic benefits to improve focus in ADHD patients. See the clinical trial on ADHD here.

CBDV and muscular dystrophy

CBD and CBDV were studied on a mouse model of Duchenne muscular dystrophy. This is a genetic disorder that results in progressive muscle deterioration and weakness. CBDV showed a lot of potential in this early study. In fact, it “prevented the loss of locomotor activity, reduced inflammation and restored autophagy.” See the preclinical study on muscular dystrophy here.

Studies on Rett Syndrome and Prader Willi-Syndrome

Rett Syndrome and Prader Willi-Syndrome are both genetic disorders that affect brain development and can lead to life-long disability. CBDV is being studied for its potential therapeutic benefits on these conditions in early preclinical studies. See a study on Rett Syndrome. In this separate study, CBDV greatly improved the cognitive and social deficits in a mouse model of Rett syndrome. You can also see the clinical trial information on Prader-Willi Syndrome here.


Now that you know more about CBDV effects and benefits, you may be interested in trying it for yourself. We offer a pure CBDV oil tincture that contains 500mg CBDV in certified organic MCT coconut oil. This rich oil can be taken on its own or combined with our full spectrum Hawaiian CBD or broad spectrum Hawaiian Choice CBD oils for the entourage effect. Our tincture comes with a spray cap for easy usage and each spray contains 6.7mg of the rare cannabinoid. While many of the scientific and pharmaceutical studies use far higher doses, we do not recommend exceeding five sprays at a time. Always consult with your doctor before taking any new cannabinoids or supplements.

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Rare Cannabinoid Company’s pure CBDV oil tincture is seen alongside the brand’s pure THCV oil and full spectrum Hawaiian CBD.

Don’t be fooled

If you want to buy CBDV oil, be very careful to do your due diligence and check the product’s lab report. This is because we have found that many companies advertise CBDV distillate or oils that turn out to be full spectrum CBD, not a pure oil or CBDV isolate. A full spectrum CBD oil will only contain trace amounts of the unique varin. A pure oil will cost two to three times as much as a premium full spectrum CBD oil and is not the same thing. When checking a lab report, make sure that the test was done on the current batch of the product. Check the milligram amount of cannabinoid against the weight of the product. This is to ensure that you are looking at the ingredients in the finished product. Otherwise, you can’t know if a cannabinoid is actually in that product or not. Rare Cannabinoid Company was the first to launch a pure CBDV oil (see the press release on the world’s first CBDV oil) and we have not found any others for sale. However, it’s likely that other brands will produce one in the near future. You can see our third-party lab reports here. If you have any questions about how to read our lab reports – or those of another brand – don’t hesitate to reach out to us at info@rarecannabinoidco.com or via chat during our business hours of 8am to 4pm Hawaii time.


CBDV is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that reduces occasional stress and inflammation. It is believed to offer more benefits for sociability and reducing irritability than CBD. It is also being studied for potential therapeutic benefits for autism, epilepsy, anxiety, muscular dystrophy, Rett Syndrome and Prader Willi-Syndrome. If you would like to try this rare cannabinoid, you can buy it here from Rare Cannabinoid Company.