THC + CBC Mood Gummies!

We’re celebrating the launch of our new hemp THC Gummies! These are the world’s first Delta-9-THC gummies with high levels of CBC to improve your mood and CBD for the entourage effect. THC Gummies ship to all U.S. states. We offer free shipping on orders over $75 and 15% off subscriptions.

What makes our THC Gummies special?

Our Mood Gummies contain a full spectrum hemp extract chosen for its specific cannabinoid profile. Delta-9-THC and CBC were found to have the most antidepressant-like effects of all cannabinoids, followed by CBD.

Mood Gummies are all-natural, vegan, and flavored with real fresh lime and mint.

Each gummy contains:

  • 5 mg Delta-9-THC for relaxation and relief from temporary pain, inflammation, and nausea.
  • CBC (cannabichromene) for improved mood. CBC raises levels of the brain’s “bliss” molecule anandamide.
  • CBD (cannabidiol) for calm, balance, stress resilience, and the entourage effect.

How are they legal?

The Delta-9-THC in our gummies comes from federally legal hemp, not cannabis, and our gummies contain less than 0.3% THC by dry weight. This makes them legal to give away and sell online and in stores across the United States. Recipients/ purchasers must be 21+ and we can only ship within the United States.

Learn more in this blog: Delta-9-THC Gummies Legal Status

How to take THC Gummies

We offer THC Gummies packets of 10 gummies for $25 and bottles of 30 THC Gummies for $49.

We recommend starting with half a gummy. Although these gummies contain 5mg THC compared to 25mg THCV in our extra strength THCV gummies and 30mg CBN and CBG in our CBN and CBG gummies, THC effects can be much more noticeable at lower doses. Effects may begin rapidly or take up to 2 hours and last more than 6 hours. You may feel stronger effects on an empty stomach.

Please read all dosing information and warnings on our product pages. There you will also find a full ingredient list, lab report, and links to scientific studies.

Enhance your THC Gummies’ effects

We recommend combining THC + CBC Mood Gummies with other cannabinoid gummies and oils to enhance these effects:

  • THCV for energy and appetite suppression
  • CBN for relaxation, sleep
  • CBG for pain, inflammation, stress
  • CBDA for nausea