Growing a New Business – Despite COVID-19 Lockdown

Hawaii Business Magazine is running a “Restarting Hawaii” series profiling local businesses that have launched since the COVID-19 shutdown. Rare Cannabinoid Company was pleased to be featured by Hawaii Business Magazine as our brand was launched in April, at the height of the corona virus lockdown across the islands.

COVID-19 has been extremely difficult for many Hawaii businesses given our state’s reliance on tourism. As Waikiki turned into a ghost town almost over night, hotels, airlines, restaurants, spas and tour operators closed down temporarily or permanently. Visitor arrivals to the Hawaiian Islands fell by 98.9% in May compared to a year ago. The knock-on effect of the crisis saw Hawaii’s unemployment rate soar from less than 3% at the start of March to 34% by May.

Amid the closures, chaos and uncertainty of corona virus, how and why did we start Rare Cannabinoid Company? We had planned the launch before COVID-19 hit and felt that people could use the health and wellness benefits of “rare” or “minor” cannabinoids during these difficult times. Like CBD and THC, rare cannabinoids are found in hemp and cannabis plants and each has a different benefit. With anxiety climbing worldwide, we felt our products could help.

Cannabinoids for sleep, bacteria, depression, energy, appetite control

CBN (Cannabinol) is known for its sedative properties and we found that many people in quarantine were looking for a way to relax, stop worrying, fall asleep quickly and stay asleep longer.

Studies show that CBG (Cannabigerol) has powerful antibacterial properties and can even fight super-bug MRSA. It’s also excellent for inflammation and pain related to inflammation.

With these rare cannabinoids plus CBC, which is good for mood regulation and depressio, and THCV for energy and appetite control, and of course our CBD from organic Hawaiian hemp, we felt that there was a market for our products. We were also excited to be the first company to offer pure rare cannabinoids to the public and couldn’t wait for people to try them.

Our Hawaiian Sister Brand
Rare Cannabinoid Company is the sister brand of Hawaiian Choice, which specializes in luxury CBD products infused with real, organic or wild gathered Hawaiian fruits, essential oils or organic honey. Unfortunately, due the closures, many of the 150 plus stores that carry Hawaiian Choice CBD tinctures, CBD topicals, vegan CBD fruit jellies (a grown-up version of the CBD gummy) and CBD for Pets, were not open and could not stock any new Rare Cannabinoid Company products. So, we opened Rare Cannabinoid Company online and then started to stock stores as they reopened in Hawaii and across the Mainland United States. We’ve found that as soon as people try our products, they want to purchase them. So, as sales climb, we look forward to the day when the world is safe enough to offer free testers in stores again.

Please take a look at the full Hawaii Business Magazine article on our launch here. We look forward to seeing which other businesses have opened since the shutdown and wish them all the best of luck!

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