Happy Holidays! + 2022 Recap

Mele Kalikimaka (Merry Christmas)! It may be warm and sunny here in Hawaii, but we’re full of holiday cheer! We’ve had a wonderful year and are thankful for our customers and the increased interest in hemp and all of its amazing benefits. We wish you a very happy holiday season full of health, fun and good food!

As our team looks back over 2022, we are reminded of just how many things we accomplished as pandemic restrictions eased. Here’s a little recap of the year’s highlights in chronological order: 

  • Restarted our in-store training sessions and demos. Our products can be found in more than 375 locations across the U.S., Japan, Brazil, and more! See our store map here

  • Launched CBGA + CBDA + CBD Oil: Shortly after scientific studies on CBGA, CBDA, and CBD and COVID-19 were released, we formulated the world’s first 1:1:1 CBGA, CBDA, and full spectrum Hawaiian CBD oil blend for immune support. 

  •  Autism Parenting Summit Sponsorship: We shared studies on CBD and CBDV and autism spectrum disorder and supported this educational summit designed to help people thrive. 

  • Review System + 10% Off Coupon: One of our favorite things is hearing how our products are helping people. So, we started a new review system. Every time you review a product you purchased, you’ll immediately receive an automatic email coupon for 10% off your next order. Find a product you purchased and tell us what you think!  

  • Brought Hawaiian Choice Under Our Umbrella: We moved our premium, luxury broad spectrum Hawaiian CBD oil line onto our Rare Cannabinoid Company website. This makes education and special offers easier. 

  • Launched THC Mood Gummies: We created the world’s first hemp-derived THC+CBC & CBD gummies designed to improve people’s mood and offer relaxation and relief.

  • Presented at the Pacific Symposium: Attended the largest Chinese medicine and acupuncture conference in the U.S. and shared how cannabinoids and terpenes work.

  • Doubled the strength of our CBD Topical Gel. Our new, improved formula is now twice as strong for even more pain relief. 

  • Top of L.A. Weekly’s Gift Guide: We are excited to end the year with our Mood Gummies listed first in their list of top holiday gifts for 2022.

There were also many meetings with cannabinoid experts, research and product development, professional photo shoots, articles and reviews by High Times, Leafly, The Emerald Magazine, Slyng, CBD Oracle, The Inquirer, a fun THCV oil video by The Stoner Mom and much more! Thank you for all your support and joining us on this fantastic journey!