High Times: 8 Reasons To Try Delta-8-THC Before It’s Too Late

Have you tried Delta-8-THC yet? The hemp-derived cousin of “regular” THC has become extremely popular, but more and more states are banning its sale across the country.

High Times Magazine recently published an article recommending their readers try it before it’s potentially banned everywhere. The old school resource for cannabis culture and marijuana legalization laws offers eight reasons to take Delta-8-THC, even if one already consumes THC from cannabis.

Eat more and lose weight?!

In addition to offering a joyful feeling of euphoria and relief from discomfort and nausea, Delta-8-THC also has some lesser-known, but extraordinary, benefits. For example, High Times explains that Delta-8-THC might help people lose weight despite causing them to eat more.

In a 50-day experiment, mice given Delta-8-THC ate 22 percent more than usual but lost 20 percent of their original body weight! It’s theorized that this weight loss could be due to Delta-8-THC boosting metabolism.

Other benefits and where to buy Delta-8-THC

The High Times article goes on to discuss everything from how Delta-8-THC feels when taken alone or combined with THCV or CBN, to research into potential uses for Alzheimer’s and cancer. 

The magazine also recommends Rare Cannabinoid Company’s Delta-8-THC oil as a safe, healthful and trustworthy product. High Times likes our Delta-8-THC and our other products because of our high quality ingredients, cGMP production facility and accurate third-party lab test results. 

Please take a look at the High Times article here to learn more about Delta-8-THC.

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