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Interest in CBDA (cannabidiolic acid) soars amid new Covid-19 study, media reports

new study published in the National Library of Medicine is making headlines for citing the potential of rare cannabinoids CBDA (cannabidiolic acid) and CBGA (cannabigerolic acid). 

“Cannabis compounds prevented the virus that causes Covid-19 from penetrating healthy human cells, according to a laboratory study published in the Journal of Nature Products,” says Bloomberg News.

The full scientific study is entitled Cannabinoids Block Cellular Entry of SARS-CoV-2 and the Emerging Variants.”

Here are a few of the articles that cite the Covid-19 study and CBDA oil and CBGA oil from Bloomberg and other major news websites:

Bloomberg: Cannabis compounds prevented Covid infection in laboratory study

Newsweek: Cannabis extract may prevent Covid-19 Infection, should be paired with vaccinations: Study

Forbes: Study finds cannabis compounds prevent infection by Covid-19 virus

Vice: Cannabis can prevent Covid-19 Infection

Vice: A Q&A with the scientist who discovered cannabis can prevent Covid-19

N.Y. Times: Jimmy Kimmel is high off Covid’s cannabis breakthrough

CBDA Oil for sale

Since these articles came out, Rare Cannabinoid Company has seen unprecedented sales of our CBDA oil tincture. (We are one of the few manufacturers of CBDA and have not seen finished CBGA products for sale anywhere.) Our pure CBDA oil tincture contains only CBDA isolate and certified organic MCT coconut oil.

FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Why are CBDA and CBGA so hard to find? 

Both cannabinoids cited in the laboratory study are acidic precursors of other cannabinoids. This means that while they exist in abundance in living, growing hemp and cannabis plants, they turn into other compounds with age or heat. CBGA turns into many other cannabinoids with age. 

CBDA (cannabidiolic acid) turns into CBD (cannabidiol) when it is heated up, so it cannot be smoked, vaped, or baked. It must be taken in its raw oil form.

Our CBDA oil tincture contains 500mg purified hemp-derived CBDA in certified organic MCT coconut oil. Each spray contains 6.7mg CBDA and there are 75 sprays per bottle. Like all of our products, it is produced in a cGMP certified facility and third-party lab tested. See CBDA lab test results for the latest batch. 

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What are the benefits of CBDA?

The latest news around CBDA has made it the rare cannabinoid of the moment, but before these new media reports it was one of the less known minor cannabinoids. Other rare cannabinoids that are better known include THCV tetrahydrocannabidivarin (which may boost energy and suppress appetite), CBN cannabinol (which may promote restful sleep), and CBG cannabigerol (which supports body and brain health.)

CBDA is believed to prevent or offer some relief from occasional nausea and vomiting. It may also reduce inflammation, discomfort and soreness after exercise. Scientists are also studying CBDA oil for other potential benefits. If you click on this CBDA for sale page and scroll down to the “scientific studies” tab, you can click on links to CBDA studies on the National Library of Medicine and other reputable websites.

Everything you need to know about buying CBDA

Although there is a lot of interest around CBDA at the moment, one should be careful about where they buy this natural hemp oil. As we mentioned above, this acidic precursor of CBD cannot be heated up or it turns into CBD. That means that one cannot smoke CBDA flower, vape it or even find CBDA brownies or cooked CBDA edibles. CBDA must be taken in its raw oil form.

Whenever purchasing CBD or any cannabinoids, one should check where they are manufactured. Production in a cGMP certified facility is important. cGMP stands for the Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations monitored by the FDA. Complying with cGMP regulations assures the quality, purity, and strength of products through systems designed to monitor and control manufacturing processes and facilities.

Companies should provide independent lab test results online and/or via QR code on their packaging. Always open and read those reports to make sure that they are for that batch of the finished product. We have found that some companies show lab test results for the raw ingredients instead of the finished product. By doing that, the consumer has no idea if those raw ingredients are actually in the product they purchased or not. Customers should also check the weight of the finished product listed on the lab report and compare it to the amount of CBDA or other cannabinoid/s in the product. If anything is questionable, call the company for an explanation. You can see all Rare Cannabinoid Company lab test results here.

If you have any questions about our pure CBDA oil or other rare cannabinoid tincture or gummies, please email us at info@rarecannabinoidco.com.

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