Worried about marijuana effects on sperm?

Are you worried about marijuana effects on sperm? Does marijuana affect sperm count? Can weed make you infertile? What about CBD oil and other cannabinoids?

Hemp and cannabis (marijuana) plants contain many cannabinoids that each have unique effects. The most prevalent are CBD and THC. Both offer many health and wellness benefits but we are often asked about marijuana effects on sperm. Men specifically want to know, “does weed affect sperm?” and “does weed lower sperm count?”

In this blog, we will answer all your questions on marijuana and sperm count. First, we need to point out that there is a very big difference between THC, the main psychoactive compound in cannabis (marijuana) and CBD, the primary non-psychoactive wellness compound found in hemp. So, in looking at marijuana fertility and marijuana sperm questions, we will separate the answers between THC and CBD. Since we’re often asked about fertility gummies, we will also explain the differences between CBD gummies, THCV gummies, CBG gummies and CBN gummies.

Below we will list some of the most asked questions and phrases that people have emailed us. Many refer to “marijuana and sperm count.” When asked about marijuana, we will refer to cannabis as the correct term. Cannabis is defined as a plant that contains more than 0.3% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is the psychoactive part of the cannabis plant that also increases hunger and may reduce nausea. Hemp on the other hand contains less than 0.3% THC. The primary cannabinoid in hemp is CBD (cannabidiol). CBD oil is not psychoactive but provides a sense of calm, balance, and may temporarily relieve occasional pain and inflammation.

What are marijuana effects on sperm?

There are not enough scientific studies to definitively prove whether are not marijuana effects on sperm are positive or negative.

That said, the general consensus is that CBD helps improve male fertility through indirect means. This is because CBD can help to reduce stress and anxiety.

Does marijuana affect sperm count?

As mentioned above, when a man takes CBD oil for anxiety it may help him reduce his levels of stress. When a man is stressed, his cortisol levels increase. This can lead to a decrease in testosterone, which reduces sperm count. CBD has also been shown to improve blood flow, which is essential for healthy sperm.

Can weed make you infertile?

When asking about marijuana and sperm and marijuana and fertility, people are often actually referring to THC rather than CBD and want to know “does smoking weed affect sperm?”

In this case, a 2015 study found that marijuana smokers had lower sperm concentrations than men who didn’t smoke marijuana.

However, this 2019 study on marijuana and sperm count found that men who had smoked marijuana had higher sperm counts than those who had not.

These studies appear to show contradictory effects of marijuana and sperm count. In order for there to be definitive proof of marijuana’s effect on sperm, further large-scale studies need to be conducted.

What are fertility gummies?

We have been asked about marijuana and fertility and fertility gummies quite a lot of times. However, as far as we can tell, there are no such things as CBD-infused or marijuana-infused fertility gummies. If you are looking for a product to help improve your sperm count, you should should speak to your primary care physician.

However, CBD gummies, THCV gummies, CBG gummies, and CBN gummies can all support a healthy lifestyle for both men and women, which may indirectly improve sperm count and male fertility.

What are CBD gummies?

If you’re looking up CBD and male fertility, CBD gummies may appeal to you. CBD gummies provide a calm, balance, and may help you relax and quell nervous feelings. Our CBD gummies are vegan, naturally flavored with strawberry. They are very strong. Each CBD gummy contains 30 mg CBD and there are 30 CBD gummies per bottle.

What are THCV gummies?

Worried about weed effects on sperm? Instead of taking THC, try THCV instead. THCV may sound like THC but it has the opposite effects. THCV is a stimulant that boosts energy and metabolism, heightening awareness and focus. Our THCV gummies may not be fertility gummies but you’re likely to enjoy their energizing feel. THCV also suppresses appetite, which can help with weight loss. Our THCV gummies contain a large amount of THCV – 25mg THCV each and are vegan, naturally lemon flavored and taste amazing.

What are CBG gummies?

CBG gummies contain 30mg CBG each. CBG oil is known for reducing discomfort and soreness. When men are experiencing aches and pains, it can be a lot more difficult to have satisfactory sex. Relieving discomfort may improve fertility as well as erectile dysfunction or ED. Therefore like CBD, CBG gummies may support healthy fertility for men. Our CBG gummies are vegan and naturally flavored with green apple.

What are CBN gummies?

CBN gummies are generally taken to improve relaxation and sleep. We therefore would not recommend taking CBN gummies before intercourse in case you fall asleep! However, they can improve one’s rest and sleep and therefore be beneficial to overall health and fertility.

To sum it up…

While marijuana effects on sperm are still relatively unknown, the general consensus is that CBD may help to improve male fertility. However, THC has been shown to potentially have negative effects on sperm count and quality.

That said, there is still a lack of large-scale studies to definitively prove marijuana’s effects on sperm. If you are looking for a product to improve your sperm count, speak to your primary care physician. However, CBD gummies, THCV gummies, CBG gummies, and CBN gummies can all support a healthy lifestyle, which may indirectly lead to improved fertility.

We hope we answered all your questions regarding marijuana and sperm and marijuana effects on sperm. Please see our Expert Cannabinoid Advisor’s page if you need specialized advice from a cannabis doctor or nurse.