Rare Cannabinoid Company CBG and CBD blend

CBG:CBD Defense

1:1 Full Spectrum Blend

250mg CBG with 250mg CBD | 30ml bottle

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This tincture contains 1:1 CBG (cannabigerol) and full spectrum Rare Hawaiian CBD and is gently flavored with certified organic Italian lemon and wild orange oils.

CBG offers a sense of calm and balance and is believed to offer many health and wellness benefits. Scientists are studying CBG to see if it could offer benefits for neuroprotection, against cancer and more.

To learn more, please see the following article on Leafly, the world’s largest cannabis information website: “Is CBG better than CBD and THC for pain, inflammation and aging?

Here are links to scientific studies and research on CBG and neuroinflammation, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, multiple sclerosis (MS), potential pain-relief and anti-oxidant properties, potential antibacterial properties, bladder disfunction, inflammatory bowel disease (IBS)colorectal cancer, breast cancer, gastrointestinal cancer,  melanoma. *


Each spray contains 3.3mg CBG and 3.3mg CBD**. There are 75 sprays per bottle.

Shake bottle and spray 1-3 times under tongue, hold for 30 seconds, then swallow. Use 1-2 times daily or as directed by your healthcare provider. Store away from heat and light. Use within 6 months of opening or before the expiry date found on your bottle.


Organic MCT Coconut Oil, Full Spectrum Hawaiian CBD Hemp Extract, CBG Isolate, Organic Food Grade Wild Orange Essential Oil, Organic Food Grade Lemon Essential Oil.

** Rare Cannabinoid Company is in no way endorsing the linked studies. Most of the studies are in vitro animal experiments. Rare Cannabinoid Company is in no way alleging that CBG can prevent, mitigate, treat or cure any illness or disease.
*Because our oils are formulated from natural extracts, there may be minor variations in cannabinoid potency. For exact potency, please visit our Lab Reports page to look up your independent lab report.

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