Delta-9-THC, Full Spectrum Hemp Gummies


Blissful Relaxation, Relief

Delta-9-THC supports relaxation and relieves discomfort after exercise and occasional nausea. We offer THC + CBN Sleep Gummies, THC + CBG Relief Gummies, and THC + CBC Mood Gummies.  Adults 21+ can buy legal Delta-9-THC gummies naturally derived from hemp online. We ship to all U.S. locations. Click on a product to learn more.


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Delta-9-THC Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our delta-9-THC gummies are legal. This is because they:

  • Contain THC derived from legal industrial hemp not cannabis
  • Have less than 0.3% THC by dry weight. (Each delta 9 gummy contains 5mg THC.)
  • Contain an all-natural full spectrum delta-9-THC oil
  • Are not converted, synthesized, or isomerized from any other compound

You must be an adult 21 years or older to purchase delta-9 gummies.

Due to legal restrictions outside our control, we cannot ship our delta-9-THC products internationally.