THC Gummies Reviews

We’re happy to see that the first reviews of our new hemp THC + CBC Mood Gummies are extremely positive. Leafly called them “bliss in a bite” and Slyng’s reviewer said “I felt great, invincible; all my aches, pains, and worries melted away with just one gummy.” Mood Gummies come in packets of 10 and bottles of 30 gummies. They can be shipped to all U.S. states to adults 21 years and older.


Each Mood Gummy contains 5mg Delta-9-THC as well as high levels of CBC and CBD. We chose this full spectrum hemp extract for its antidepressant-like effects.

Slyng reviewer Sebastian Orellana tried a Mood Gummy and wrote about how it made him feel. He said:

“I started with just one gummy to get a feel of how long it would take to fully affect me. I tasted the lime and mint. The two flavors complement each other well, and it was a pleasant taste to start my journey with these gummies.

The effects took about an hour to kick in, and I didn’t feel anything at first until I did. The effects started with a mild euphoria and became an excellent creative high. I felt great, invincible; all my aches, pains, and worries melted away with just one gummy.

I felt the effects for about 4 hours, and it didn’t disrupt my day. I could still enjoy a regular day with just a bit of euphoria. It was a great pick me up for a busy day.

These mood gummies are genuinely unique. The combination of Delta 9, CBC, and CBD give you a smooth high that leaves you feeling relaxed and happy. Whether you’re suffering from chronic pain or stress, these gummies can help to relieve your symptoms without making you feel drowsy or hungover. Moreover, they’re 100% natural, so you can feel good about indulging in them. With their delicious fruity flavor and mint flecks, these mood gummies are genuinely the best way to enjoy all of the benefits of medical cannabis in a fun and accessible way.”

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Meanwhile, Leafly wrote up a positive press release-style article on our new Mood Gummies. They call them “bliss in a bite” and describe how Delta-9-THC and CBC act like antidepressants and raise levels of the brain molecule anandamide, which is responsible for feelings of pleasure and happiness.

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