What are terpenes and how do they work? Learn about our terpene-only tinctures

Rare Cannabinoid Company recently added two more products to our apothecary line up. They are the world’s first high strength terpene-only tinctures and are designed to amplify the effects of our full spectrum Hawaiian CBD and rare cannabinoids: CBDA, CBG, CBN, Delta-8-THC, THCV, CBC, and our new CBDV tincture.

Our “Relief” terpene blend is designed to reduce inflammation, speed up the recovery process, and support healthy joints. Meanwhile, “Relax” promotes calm, relaxation, and restful sleep.

Both blends may help reduce stress and improve mood, immune function and brain health. 

Scroll down to learn how to use them and for recommended combinations for different uses: Inflammation and discomfort, rest and sleep, and low mood. 

What Are Terpenes?

Like cannabinoids, terpenes are compounds that naturally occur in hemp, cannabis and other plants. They are oils that have specific health and wellness uses as well as unique aromas. Terpenes are increasingly believed to play a major role in the unique effects attributed to different strains of cannabis. 

Which Terpenes Are In Each Blend?

Each blend contains a mix of pure, steam-distilled terpenes (450mg total terpenes with organic MCT coconut oil in each 30ml bottle). Each terpene was carefully chosen to promote relief or relaxation. Click on the product links below for detailed explanations of each terpene and links to scientific studies on their potential treatment uses. 

Relief: 150mg α-Pinene, 150mg β-Caryophyllene, 100mg δ-Limonene, 50mg Linalool

Relax: 113mg β-Myrcene, 113mg Linalool, 113 mg β-Pinene, 68mg δ-Limonene, 45mg δ-3-Carene

How To Use Terpenes + Recommended Combinations

Our high strength terpene blends do not contain any CBD, THC or rare cannabinoids. Instead, they are intended to amplify your cannabinoid regime. Below are some examples of combinations. You can mix and match fewer or more tinctures with each other to find the right balance for you. We suggest keeping a journal so you know exact times, dosage and effects as everyone has a unique endocannabinoid system and different reasons for taking these supplements. There are links to add all the items in a combination to your shopping cart. Once you’ve clicked on it, it’s easy to remove products you don’t want or add others. 

For Inflammation and Discomfort: Relief Terpenes + CBG Single Extract + CBDV single extract + full spectrum 1000mg Rare Hawaiian CBD +/or 3000mg extra strength CBD Booster | Click Here To Add Products To Your Cart

For Rest and Sleep: Relax Terpenes + CBN Single Extract + Delta-8-THC* + full spectrum 1000mg Rare Hawaiian CBD | Click Here To Add Products To Your Cart

For Low Mood: Relax Terpenes + CBC Single Extract + 1:1 THCV CBD Blend + Delta-8-THC* | Click Here To Add Products To Your Cart

*Delta-8-THC can be intoxicating. Do not drive a vehicle or operate machinery while taking it.

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