Lab Reports

Lab Reports

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Lab Reports

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Delta-9-THC Gummies (Full Spectrum)

THC+THCV (Uplift): 4466

THC+CBN (Sleep): 4474

THC+CBG (Relief): 4475

THC+CBC (Mood): 4482

Zero THC Gummies (Broad Spectrum)

THCV (Uplift): 4460

CBN (Sleep): 4476

CBG (Relief): 4477

CBD: 4458

Apothecary Line

CBN (Rest): 4451

CBDV (Wellness): 4455

CBC (Protect): 4452

CBD Full Spectrm: 4459

CBG (Defense): 4453

CBD (Booster): 4454

THCV (Uplift): 4462

Ready Blends

CBN:CBD: 4449

CBC:CBD: 4448

CBG:CBD: 4447

THCV:CBD: 4431

Hawaiian Choice Premium Broad Spectrum

Relief: 4463

Pet: 4464


Topical: 6651

Rapid Relief Gel: 4479

Hawaiian Topical: 4480

DB Labs

DB Labs, LLC

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Infinite Chem

Infinite Chemical Analysis

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