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Go beyond CBD with specific cannabinoids for sleep, energy, immune support and more.

Rare Cannabinoid Company

Rare Cannabinoids

Rare or "minor" cannabinoids are rare because they naturally occur in such small quantities in hemp  and cannabis plants. The latest technology allows us to offer their specific health and wellness benefits to you in easy-to-take measured tinctures.

High Strength Extracts

Our single extracts contain 500mg pure CBN, CBG, CBC or THCV in organic MCT Coconut Oil. Use them to amplify our Rare Hawaiian Full Spectrum CBD Extract or add them to your daily CBD or THC regime for personalized wellness.

Full Spectrum Blends

These one-to-one blends contain 250mg rare cannabinoid and 250mg CBD from organic Hawaiian hemp. They offer the tailored results of CBN, CBG, CBC or THCV along with the “entourage effect” and are complete daily hemp supplements.

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Rare Cannabinoid

Choose specific rare cannabinoids for sleep, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties or energy and appetite control.

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Full Spectrum Blends

Our 1:1 blends start with Rare Hawaiian Hemp extract. The oil is then enhanced by matching the CBD content with your choice of rare cannabinoid. These complete supplements offer the “entourage effect.”

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Single Extracts

Flavorless, purified rare cannabinoids are designed for you to customize your own blend. Combine them with each other and any full/broad spectrum CBD/THC oil to personalize your cannabinoid routine.

Rare Hawaiian

CBD Hemp Extract

Our Full Spectrum CBD Oil is designed to be combined with our single extracts so you can create your own customized blends. It is produced on a small, organic farm on the Hawaiian island of Kauaʻi. This tincture contains twice the CBD of our blends and offers the “entourage effect.”

CBD Full Spectrum

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Quality Assured

Rare cannabinoids are carefully extracted from legal, American-grown hemp. Full Spectrum CBD Oil comes from hemp organically grown on the Hawaiian Island of Kaua’i. No GMO, pesticides, herbicides or heavy metals.

Independent Lab Testing

All of our products undergo extensive independent lab testing. Every product carries a batch number and/or a QR code which can be used to download the lab report for that batch. Giving you total peace of mind.

The Latest Technology

Rare cannabinoids are rare because they naturally occur in such small quantities in the hemp plant. As technology continues to advance, we will bring you the latest, premium extracts and blends.