Quitting smoking? THCV may be able to help

If you’re reading this, you probably want to quit smoking or have a loved one that is trying to quit. After all, smoking accounts for about one in five deaths in the United States every year and is the leading cause of preventable disease and death in our country. We know how bad it is,…
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Kickstart Weight Loss Resolutions with THCV

As the New Year rolls around, most of us come up with New Year Resolutions. The most-popular resolution is to get in shape, improve our fitness and lose weight. It’s a noble cause, but how many times have our best intentions fallen by the wayside — and into a heap of ice cream — by…
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CBC for depression

Fight depression with rare cannabinoid CBC; naturally boost your brain’s ‘bliss’ molecule

Have you ever thought that some people are just born happier than others? Perhaps surprisingly, science backs this theory. There’s a little-known brain chemical called anandamide that produces feelings of happiness. Some people naturally have more of it than others. How unfair is that?! Thankfully, studies are now confirming that we can all boost our…
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3000mg CBD Booster with Rare Cannabinoid Company THCV, CBN, CBG, CBC oils

Does CBD strength matter?

We just launched an extra high strength 3000mg CBD Booster oil. This is an extremely high level of CBD, in fact one dropperful contains more CBD (100mg) than anyone should take in a full day. So, you may be wondering, what exactly does the amount of CBD in a product mean for me? Is it…
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THCV for appetite control

Can THCV really curb the munchies?

Leafly, the world’s largest cannabis information website, published an article detailing many promising scientific studies on THCV and weight loss. As the first brand to offer purified tinctures of THCV for sale, we are delighted to be featured in their in-depth article. See it here or in our copy below: Check out these promising studies…
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What is CBG and what benefits does it offer?

Is CBG better than CBD or THC for pain and inflammation? Some studies say yes – at least for certain conditions. Many people are turning to CBD and cannabis for help with physical and mental wellness, but there’s another cannabinoid that may be even more beneficial for specific ailments. That rare cannabinoid is CBG (cannabigerol).…
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