What is CBG and what benefits does it offer?

Is CBG better than CBD or THC for pain and inflammation? Some studies say yes – at least for certain conditions. Many people are turning to CBD and cannabis for help with physical and mental wellness, but there’s another cannabinoid that may be even more beneficial for specific ailments. That rare cannabinoid is CBG (cannabigerol).…
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Rare Cannabinoid Company THCV tinctures

World’s first pure THCV product for sale online

Known as the "sports car of cannabinoids," people can now experience THCV on its own without any psychoactive THC.
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THCV rare cannabinoid

What is THCV? Facts about this energizing, appetite suppressing rare cannabinoid

Will THCV get me high? Can I buy THCV online? How do I take THCV? Find all the answers to your THCV questions here!
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CBD For Sleep

CBN Oil For Sleep

This rare cannabinoid may be even better than CBD or THC at transporting you to land of dreams.
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Growing a New Business – Despite COVID-19 Lockdown

Hawaii Business Magazine is running a “Restarting Hawaii” series profiling local businesses that have launched since the COVID-19 shutdown. Rare Cannabinoid Company was pleased to be featured by Hawaii Business Magazine as our brand was launched in April, at the height of the corona virus lockdown across the islands. COVID-19 has been extremely difficult for…
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Rare Cannabinoid Company CBN, CBG, CBC, THCV and CBD tinctures.

What CBN, CBG, CBC and THCV are good for and how to take them

Find out the specific benefits of CBN, CBG, CBC and THCV and how to take them with CBD or THC oils.
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