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Lab Reports

Download our third-party test results here

Rare Cannabinoid Company runs multiple tests on each of our products. That means potency that matches what it says on the label, although since we are working with natural extracts, minor variations may occur. Find out exactly what’s in your bottle by downloading the full third-party independent lab reports below by using the batch number on your product’s package.

Download Batch Reports

If you don’t have a Rare Cannabinoid Company product yet, you can type in a recent batch number to see its lab report.

Single Extracts (500mg)

  • CBN (Rest): 4367
  • CBC (Protect): 4366
  • CBG (Defense): 4351
  • THCV (Uplift): 4368

Single Extracts (3000mg)

  • CBD (Booster): 4373

1:1 Full Spectrum Blends (250:250mg)

  • CBN:CBD: 4371
  • CBC:CBD: 4354
  • CBG:CBD: 4355
  • THCV:CBD: 4372

Full Spectrum Rare Hawaiian CBD Oil

  • 500mg: 4357
  • 1000mg: 4364

We proudly partner with Steep Hill Hawaii, a Hawaii Department of Health-certified cannabis dispensary testing laboratory. Their high level of expertise, transparency and consistency are key to ensuring that we maintain the excellent standard of our products.

Steep Hill Hawaii