THCV, CBN, CBG? See Which Is Best For Your Needs

Tell us what you're here for and we'll find the best cannabinoids for you. Examples: THCV for appetite suppression, energy and mental focus, CBN for sleep, and CBG or THC for soreness and discomfort.

Learn About Cannabinoids

In addition to CBD and THC, there are dozens of other cannabis compounds. Did you know that cannabichromene (CBC oil) can improve mood and skin health? Or, that cannabidivarin (CBDV) is being studied for autism and ADHD? Learn more here:


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Did you take our cannabinoid quiz but are looking for more tailored advice on THC, CBG, or CBDV etc.? We have a list of third-party professionals ready to help you.

Quality Assured

Quality Assured

Our full spectrum CBD is grown in Hawaii, USA. Hemp-derived cannabinoids are carefully extracted from legal, American-grown crops. All products are produced in a cGMP facility. No GMO, pesticides, herbicides or heavy metals.

Lab Tested

Independent Lab Testing

All of our products undergo extensive independent lab testing. Every product carries a batch number and/or a QR code which can be used to download the lab report for that batch. Giving you total peace of mind.

Latest Technology

The Latest Technology

Rare cannabinoids are rare because they naturally occur in such small quantities in the hemp plant. As science and technology continue to advance, we will bring you the latest, premium extracts, blends, and gummies.