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About Rare Cannabinoid Company

Rare Cannabinoid Company is a Hawaiian hemp health and wellness company based in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

Our goal was to go beyond CBD and THC to offer a full apothecary of cannabinoids and terpenes. Each compound offers its own unique effects and benefits. With our products, you can customize your own unique blends for personalized wellness.

We offer the largest selection of naturally occurring active hemp compounds:

THCV: For an uplifting, energizing feeling and appetite control.

CBN: For relaxation and restful sleep.

CBG: For soreness and discomfort after exercise and joint support.

CBC: For mood, contentment, and happiness.

CBDV: For sociability, may ease irritability.

CBDA: For occasional nausea and discomfort after exercise.

CBGA: Supports a healthy immune system.

CBD: For calm, balance, stress resilience.

THC: For relaxation, relief from occasional discomfort after exercise and temporary nausea.

Relax Terpenes: For enhanced relaxation and restful sleep.

Relief Terpenes: For enhanced relief of discomfort after exercise.

We recommend mixing and matching products according to your needs. This depends on your mood, time of day, or activities. We offer:


Meet The Founders 

The founders of Rare Cannabinoid Company are a husband and wife team who were born and raised in Hawaii and moved back to Oahu after living in Europe for 15 years.

Seeing the benefits of hemp, cannabis, and cannabinoids first hand and with the start of Hawaiian hemp production, they created luxury CBD line Hawaiian Choice in 2017. As extraction of rare cannabinoids and scientific research into their properties progressed, they expanded quickly to create Rare Cannabinoid Company.

You can learn more about the founders' back story, passion for hemp wellness, and how to use our products in these articles on Leafly, the world's largest hemp and cannabis information website.

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Premium Hawaiian CBD, Rare Cannabinoids & Terpenes 

Our premium full and broad spectrum CBD oils come from hemp grown on the verdant slopes of Haleakala Volcano on the Hawaiian island of Maui, using regenerative farming practices. We work with many small, organic farms across Oahu, Kauai, Maui, and the Big Island of Hawaii to source the organic Hawaiian fruit extracts, essential oils, and honey used in our luxury Hawaiian Choice CBD line of topicals, tinctures, and Pet CBD.

We also use the highest quality rare cannabinoids and terpenes from trusted American farms. Each one is selected for its specific hemp strain bred to contain high levels of specific cannabinoids.


Trust & Transparency

We pride ourselves on being pioneers in the industry. However, being first does not mean cutting corners. We take every precaution to be sure we offer you the safest, high quality products that contain exactly what they say they do and nothing else.

All of our products are produced in a current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) certified facility with USP 800 and ISO 14644 Clean Rooms. cGMP is the main regulatory standard enforced by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for ensuring the quality of supplements.

We believe in transparency by testing and posting public links to our independent lab reports (Certificates of Authenticity) according to industry leading cannabis product standards - testing for cannabinoid potency, heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, microbial, and mycotoxins.

Although the FDA still has not determined cannabinoids to be supplements, by following regulatory standards for supplements on each batch we assure it meets the highest quality standards. Full results for each batch are presented online and via QR code on the box. See lab reports here.

Who We Work With

Our products are sold in more than 200 locations across the United States and by prescription in Brazil. They can be found in a variety of places, including health food and department stores, gyms, luxury hotel spas, CBD stores, wellness clinics and more. See our store locator here.

For quick and efficient shipping to our online customers, we partner with one of the largest tech-enabled 3PL (third-party logistics) providers. This enables us to ship same-day from the U.S. Mainland, as well as Hawaii, all orders received by 11 a.m. Pacific Time (2 p.m. ET).

We also work with cannabinoid health advisors - clinics, physicians, nurses and naturopathic doctors - who can provide the public with information on cannabis, hemp, rare cannabinoids, terpenes, and our unique products. These experts can give patients specific advice regarding their unique health needs. Find a cannabinoid health advisor here.


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