CBD lotion with THC and CBG from Rare Cannabinoid Company

CBD lotion with THC & CBG – A One-Of-A-Kind Product

Do you know why our CBG, CBD Lotion with THC is so effective for muscle and joint discomfort? This is a one-of-a-kind product you won’t find anywhere else.

We’ve checked cannabis dispensaries, online and in-person stores, and nothing like our powerful cannabinoid topical exists anywhere else.

What makes this lotion unique?
Our CBG CBD lotion with THC Rapid Relief Gel contains 2400mg cannabinoids (1000mg CBG, 1000mg CBD, and 400mg THC).

The potency of this THC lotion is second to none. Plus, the combination of cannabinoids is essential to its effectiveness.

What other cannabis / hemp creams contain
Most CBD creams only contain a CBD isolate. Those sold in dispensaries usually have CBD and THC. But, when we say our CBG CBD Lotion with THCV is a “dispensary-strength” cream, that’s actually a major understatement. Most dispensary lotions contain just 100mg THC or less. Our CBD cream four times as much!

Meanwhile, despite numerous studies showing CBG oil’s potential for alleviating soreness and swelling, we haven’t found any other topicals with CBG in them!

Powerful trio of cannabinoids
We formulated our CBG, CBD lotion with THC using the latest scientific studies on cannabis / hemp compounds.

Numerous scientific studies look at CBD and THC for discomfort and swelling, but, interestingly, some studies find that CBG may be even better.

For example, this study found that “CBG has more potent analgesic (pain-relieving), anti-erythema (against inflamed rash) and lipoxygenase (swelling) blocking activity than THC,” while another found that the compound may work by blocking the transmission of pain signals.

When combined with each other, CBG, CBD, and THC create something even more powerful. This chronic pain study highlights why we chose this exact formula, saying “THC + CBD + CBG combined was more effective than these compounds applied alone.”

What else is in it?
When formulating this CBG CBD lotion with THC and our Hawaiian Choice CBD Topical Gel, we knew that we wanted an exceptional base gel to blend with the cannabinoids. In fact, we use so many botanicals that our gel would relieve soreness even without the addition of cannabinoids! These include arnica, MSM, gotu kola, menthol, aloe vera, extracts of green tea, dandelion root and much more. 

What is not in our gel?
As we tested other brand’s products (CBD creams and CBD lotions with THC) we also knew what we didn’t want – burning capscaisin, overpowering menthol, overly feminine floral scents, an oily or sticky residue, or a cheap-feeling watery lotion. 

So, we created a weightless formula that glides onto skin and is fully absorbed quickly. It has a refreshing, slightly minty scent. Nothing overpowering and neither masculine nor feminine.

How to use it
Rapid Relief Gel should be massaged into the skin in areas experiencing discomfort – joints, muscles, general aches etc. While it can be helpful for bruises and sunburns, we do not recommend using it on broken skin.

For added cooling, you can keep your Rapid Relief Gel in the refrigerator. It’s also great to use on just-dried skin after a warm shower or bath when pores are open. 

Is CBG CBD Lotion with THC psychoactive?

No! Despite the high level of Delta-9-THC for enhanced relief, it will not get you high or have any psychoactive effects. This means you can use it at your work desk, for sports, or give it to your grandparents. 

Free Sample With Free Shipping
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