CBD Reduces Stress Caused By THC, Clinical Trial Shows

People often associate cannabis with relaxation, but THC can also cause stress or paranoia in some people. If this has happened to you, you’ll be happy to hear that a new clinical trial found that CBD offset anxiety caused by THC. If you’d like to experience THC with CBD, our THC Mood Gummies contain 5mg THC and high levels of both CBD and CBC. (CBC, or cannabichromene, is a rare cannabinoid that improves mood by raising levels of the brain’s bliss molecule anandamide.) Our full spectrum vegan gummies offer well-rounded blissful relaxation.

What causes THC paranoia?

Before we look into the new study on how CBD reduces THC-induced worries, let’s see why THC causes stress.

Experts believe that the way in which THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) affects your endocannabinoid system (ECS) plays a key role in cannabis-related stress.

When you consume hemp or cannabis, all cannabinoids have an affect on your ECS, but their effects are vastly different from each other. Research suggests that THC in particular can overstimulate the amygdala. The amygdala is a part of your brain that helps to coordinate responses to your surroundings, particularly those that trigger emotional responses. The amygdala plays an important part in feelings of anger and fear.

Why does THC affect people differently?

Why do some people experience fear and stress after consuming THC and others don’t? Genetics and THC strength appear to be two main factors in how cannabis affects people.

  • Genetics: This scientific study suggests that it depends which regions of a person’s brain are affected by THC. The front part of the brain has a large number of reward-producing opioid receptors, while the back of the brain is more sensitive and susceptible to producing feelings of fear and paranoia.
  • THC Potency: The amount of THC consumed is believed to have a large affect. This 2017 scientific study found that consuming 7.5mg THC lowered negative feelings associated with performing a stressful task. However, consuming a larger amount of THC, 12.5mg THC, produced the opposite effect and made people worry more about the stressful task.
  • Sex: Lastly, this study found that estrogen levels played a large part in how strongly THC affects people. Higher estrogen levels equated to as much as a 30 percent lower tolerance for cannabis. This means that are more likely to be more sensitive to both the positive and negative effects of cannabis. They may experience more relief from nausea and discomfort, but also experience more worries and paranoia.

Clinical Trial: CBD Offsets THC-Induced Panic

So, this brings us back to how CBD may be able to help combat THC-induced worries. CBD (cannabidiol) is the primary non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in hemp. Like THC, CBD affects the ECS, but its effects are different. CBD doesn’t directly bind to endocannabinoid receptors, so it does not cause stress in the same way as THC. In fact, multiple studies show that CBD can have the opposite effect and increases stress resilience, balance, and calm. This study reported by Norml found that CBD relieved symptoms in patients with stress disorders.

In the latest study, participants who consumed cannabis containing equal amounts of THC and CBD reported experiencing less anxiety than after consuming THC alone. They consumed vaporized cannabis containing 13.76mgs THC alone or equal parts of THC (13.75mg) and CBD (13.75mg).

“Combined treatment of THC and CBD delayed the onset of … stress, reduced its magnitude and shortened its duration compared to inhalation of THC alone,” the Dutch researchers found.

They concluded that “The present study showed that cannabis containing equivalent concentrations of THC and CBD induces less self-rated … stress compared to THC-only cannabis in healthy volunteers. … The THC/CBD combination might be more favorable in clinical settings, and it may be a reasonable public health strategy to encourage cannabis breeds containing THC/CBD mixtures where recreational use of cannabis is now legal.”

Trial data from the Dutch study can be found in the journal Psychopharmacology here on the National Library of Medicine website.

How to use CBD to reduce THC-induced paranoia

If you enjoy cannabis but are prone to feeling paranoid after consuming THC, you could consider keeping CBD oil handy. Here are some products that may help combat the effects of too much THC:

Or, we recommend trying our THC Mood Gummies. Each gummy contains 5mg THC, and 5mg of rare cannabinoid CBC and 25mg CBD. (See the lab report for each batch of every product.) Our hemp-derived full spectrum gummies are a great way to ease into consuming THC. The CBD and mood improving CBC can offset the THC. 5mg THC is still below the threshold of THC content that made people feel anxious in the study mentioned above. For those who are sensitive, we recommend taking 2.5mg or a half gummy.

This amount of THC should leave you feeling very relaxed and the large amount of CBD will add to the calm and serene feelings produced by the THC. Full spectrum products have a well-rounded effect that is far less likely to leave you feeling on edge.

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