CBN Price Drop: Spend Less, Sleep More

We’ve reduced the prices of our CBN oil tinctures by up to 25%! Our CBN sale is intended to help you spend less and relax more. We timed it so you can give your loved ones the gift of a good night’s sleep with CBN this holiday season.

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CBN (cannabinol) for sale for less

The holiday season has only just begun but many people are already feeling overwhelmed juggling to-do lists, shopping, travel and get-togethers. For a time of year that should be full of cheer, this can also lead to anxiety and a lack of sleep. 

CBN (cannabinol) is believed to be the most sedative cannabinoid, aiding relaxation and restful sleep. This dreamy hemp compound is our second-most popular cannabinoid after THCV (tetrahydrocannabivarin), which acts like a stimulant increasing energy and suppressing hunger. (Learn more and buy THCV here.)

We decided to reduce the prices of our CBN oil tinctures so that our customers can sleep easier while spending less. 

Our pure CBN oil tincture was $79 and is now just $59. That’s a 25% discount!

Our 1:1 CBN:CBD oil tincture was $59 and is now $49 – an 18% discount!

You can get an additional 15% off if you sign up for an auto-ship subscription, which can be cancelled at any time without penalty. Learn about our Subscribe & Save plans here.

Read on for more info on CBN or see our CBN Oil For Sleep blog here.

What is CBN (cannabinol)?

Like CBD and THC, CBN is a cannabinoid found in hemp, cannabis and other plants. However, it occurs in much smaller quantities than CBD and CBN and is therefore called a “rare” or “minor” cannabinoid. It is formed when THC degrades due to age or heat. Unlike THC, CBN is only intoxicating if taken in very large quantities. Since it is not considered psychoactive, like CBD, it is legal to be sold online and in stores across the United States and in many countries around the world.

CBN for sleep

CBN is considered the best cannabinoid for helping one fall asleep and stay asleep longer. Steep Hill labs once even compared the effects of CBN for sleep to the prescription sleep aid Diazepam.

Some people have also compared CBN to melatonin, which is a widely used over the counter sleep aid. While many people find relief from insomnia with melatonin, many also report feeling groggy from it the following day. CBN appears less likely to cause that sleepy day after effect, which could make it more ideal as a natural way to fall asleep.

In addition to helping one fall asleep and have a restful night’s sleep, studies show that CBN also aids relaxation and eases discomfort.

CBN plus terpenes

We believe that cannabinoids work better when taken with each other and/or with terpenes for a more wholistic entourage effect. That is why we recommend combining CBN with our full spectrum Rare Hawaiian CBD and our terpene-only tincture for the very best effects. They will work in unison to amplify each other’s effects.

Our full spectrum Rare Hawaiian CBD comes from premium hemp grown on the Hawaiian island of Maui. Buy full spectrum Hawaiian CBD here.

One can either purchase our pure CBN oil tincture (which contains 500mg CBN in MCT coconut oil) and a separate bottle of 1000mg Rare Hawaiian CBD or buy them pre-blended in a 1:1 CBN:CBD oil tincture (which contains 250mg CBN and 250mg CBD).

In addition, our Relax blend of terpenes can be added for even more relaxation and sleep-promoting effects. Our Relax tincture contains a unique blend of the terpenes: β-Myrcene, β-Pinene, δ-3-Carene, δ-Limonene, Linalool. Buy Relax terpenes here.

Natural sleep aids

CBN can also be combined with other natural sleep aids and sleep remedies including melatonin, chamomile, valerian root, passionflower, hops, and more. However, we recommend discussing any new supplements with your physician. Always, start low and go slow as you see if CBN, CBD, or other herbal remedies can help you sleep better.

A good night’s sleep is also dependent on developing good sleep habits. These include getting enough exercise, eating well, reducing or eliminating caffeine consumption, turning off electronics early in the evening and finding a helpful wind down bedtimes routine, such as a bath, meditation, yoga or reading a calming book. Music and apps such as the Calm app or Headspace app may also help one tune out thoughts that prevent them from falling asleep.

We hope you get sweet dreams with these tips and our CBN price drop!

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