Do Terpenes Work?

Are you curious about terpenes?

Like CBD, THC, and rare cannabinoids, terpenes are compounds that naturally occur in hemp, cannabis, and other plants. 

These oils have specific effects as well as unique aromas. In fact, terpenes have a major influence on how specific cannabis strains taste and feel.

For example, a terpene called “myrcene” provides the sedative effects found in many cannabis indica strains and also amplifies the effects of CBD, THC, and CBN.

Myrcene is a popular choice for sleep and those suffering from anxiety or insomnia, and may also offer relief from pain and inflammation. In addition to being found in hemp and cannabis, myrcene is also found in hops and mangoes.

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So, Do Terpenes Work?

At Rare Cannabinoid Company, we recommend mixing and matching a full or broad spectrum CBD or THC oil with rare cannabinoids or terpenes according to your needs. For example, our CBN Gummies for sleep pair well with our featured tinctures.

Please let us know if you try them and how they work for you. Anytime you leave a review for a product you purchased, you will automatically receive a coupon code for 10% off your next order.