Kickstart Weight Loss Resolutions with THCV

As the New Year rolls around, most of us come up with New Year Resolutions. The most-popular resolution is to get in shape, improve our fitness and lose weight. It’s a noble cause, but how many times have our best intentions fallen by the wayside — and into a heap of ice cream — by mid-January? This year may be even harder with pandemic restrictions on gyms and exercise classes. So, how will we motivate ourselves to work out indoors – mini home gym anyone? Or get our behinds outdoors for a walk, jog or hike?

We’re pleased to report that THCV (tetrahydrocannabivarin) may help reduce your appetite and promote weight loss. Yes, THCV sounds a lot like THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), but unlike the psychoactive component in cannabis that will likely make you gorge on everything in your fridge, THCV has the opposite effect. It’s been called “skinny pot” for this reason and is well known for helping people control their appetite. It’s also called the “sport’s car of cannabinoids” for its uplifting, energizing, stimulating effect. Perfect for working out – or at least getting off your couch!

You may be familiar with our post: Can THCV really curb the munchies? It links to an article about THCV and weight loss that Rare Cannabinoid Company was featured in on Leafly, the world’s largest cannabis website.

If you’re trying to quit smoking or drinking, THCV studies on animal models also show a lot of promise in reducing nicotine and alcohol cravings.

THCV is a rare cannabinoid, which means that, like CBD and THC, it is a natural compound found in cannabis, hemp and some other plants and is believed to offer many health and wellness benefits. It just occurs in far smaller quantities than CBD and THC and until recently was very difficult to find in large enough quantities to for anyone to be able to offer THCV for sale. Fortunately, we can now offer THCV for sale as purified oil tinctures and as one-to-one THCV CBD blends. But first, let’s see how THCV can work for weight loss.

THCV for weight loss

Like all cannabinoids – CBD, THC, CBN, CBG, CBC etc. – THCV interacts with the human endocannabinoid system (ECS). All people – actually all vertebrates – have an ECS. Our ECS plays a big role in the regulation of our mental and physical wellbeing, including appetite, energy, mood and sleep.

THCV acts in a similar manner to pharmaceutical anti-obesity drug Rimonabant. Both THCV and Rimonabant block the CB1 receptor in our brain, which prevents the release of hunger-promoting hormones. (This is the opposite effect of THC which instead activates the CB1 receptor, releasing hunger-promoting hormones.)

Rimonabant was deemed “one of the promising agents to treat obesity” with 72% of patients showing a 5% weight loss. You can see the study here. The CB1 receptor antagonist also showed great promise in reducing alcohol and nicotine consumption in both rats and in human studies. The study linked above explains that scientists were reviewing the development of “cannabinoid CB1 antagonists as a new class of therapeutic agents for drugs addictions.”

Unfortunately, Rimonabant was found to have negative side effects including depression and was pulled from the market.

Study: THCV aids appetite control without negative side effects

Thankfully, scientists found that THCV offers the same ability to block the CB1 receptor, thereby reducing one’s appetite and promoting weight loss, without the negative side effects of Rimonabant. This was shown through two separate studies that used MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) to examine human patient’s neural responses while taking THCV or Rimonabant.

In the experiment on Rimonabant patients, the drug reduced their response to rewarding stimuli (tasty chocolate) while increasing their response to negative stimuli (moldy strawberries.) By contrast, the THCV study found that THCV increased the patients’ response to negative stimuli but did not affect their response to the positive stimuli.

The scientists concluded that Rimonabant not only made patients desire chocolate less, but it also damaged their ability to perceive pleasure. The inability to perceive a reward or pleasure is a key symptom of major depression. Meanwhile, THCV still helped people eat less by upping their response to negative stimuli, which could prevent “storm” eating or eating without thinking and going beyond the necessary amount. But, it did not cause depression like Rimonabant as their reward function was left in tact.

Other studies show the success of THCV on appetite control. For example, this scientific study states that THCV alters connections between regions of the brain in a way that “THCV could allow greater control over food intake.”

THCV may also be helpful for diabetes as you can see in this animal study on THCV and CBD.

If your New Year’s Resolution also entails quitting smoking, THCV may also help with that!

Check out this study: Δ 8 -Tetrahydrocannabivarin has potent anti-nicotine effects in several rodent models of nicotine dependence

How to take THCV (Tetrahydrocannabivarin)

If you’d like to add THCV to your 2021 health and wellness routine, you can now purchase safe, third-party lab-tested THCV for sale online.

You’ve probably also heard about cannabis flowers that contain a high amount of THCV. These strains include Doug’s Varin, Durban Poison, Tangie and Jack the Ripper. However, they also contain a lot of THC, which will pretty annihilate any appetite suppressing effects of the THCV.

You can see this in an experiment on mice. Those that took pure THCV lost weight. Those that took THCV in a full spectrum product with THC did not lose weight. However, when CBD was given to the mice taking THCV and THC, it countered the effect of the THC and those mice proceeded to lose weight. Moral of the story/study? If you want to lose weight, it may be best to take THCV alone, but if you also take THC you may want to take CBD as well.

Luckily, Rare Cannabinoid Company offers both purified extracts of THCV alone and THCV CBD blends.

Our 500mg THCV oil tincture is naturally flavorless and only contains THCV and organic MCT coconut oil.

Our THCV CBD ready blend contains 250mg THCV and 250mg full spectrum Rare Hawaiian CBD in organic MCT coconut oil. It is lightly flavored with organic food grade wild orange and Italian lemon oils.

You can see third-party lab reports for every batch of every product here.

Rare Cannabinoid Company was the first brand to offer pure THCV oil tinctures. Searching online, we have seen many companies offering full spectrum CBD products branded as THCV oils and even one company selling psychoactive Delta 8 THC with a THCV label. Another company’s product only contains 1mg THCV per dose. Whatever cannabinoid or hemp products you choose to purchase, please always check third-party lab reports to be sure you’re getting what you expect.

CBN oil for sleep + the benefits of other rare cannabinoids

We hope that 2021 is a year of health, wellness and overall a much better year than 2020! Could it really be worse? OK, better not tempt fate.

Anyway, we hope that THCV or other cannabinoid products can help you stick to your New Year’s Resolutions. For information on other rare cannabinoids, links to scientific studies and product details, please see the links below.

CBN (cannabinol) may aid rest and help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. You can see our blog CBN Oil for Sleep here. You can find our CBN for sale here.

CBC (cannabichromene) may help elevate one’s mood and be good for the skin. You can read about how to fight depression with CBC with links to many scientific studies on the “bliss” molecule anandamide and CBC’s effect on it. You can also find our CBC for sale here.

CBG (cannabigerol) is believed to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective and anti-bacterial properties and is being researched for use against myriad diseases. Please see our blog “What is CBG and what is it used for?” for at least a dozen links to scientific studies. You can find CBG for sale here.

All of our rare cannabinoids – CBN, CBC, CBG and THCV – are offered as 500mg purified extracts and as one-to-one blends with Rare Hawaiian CBD.

Rare Hawaiian CBD

We’re pretty sure you’ve heard of CBD and know the health and wellness benefits it may offer. We sell a really special full spectrum CBD oil that is extracted from hemp grown on the island of Kauai in Hawaii. It is nourished by year-round sunshine, tropical rain and mineral-rich red dirt. We offer 500mg and 1000mg options. Both contain organic MCT coconut oil and are lightly flavored with food grade organic Italian lemon and wild orange oils.

For those who want to up their CBD intake, we also offer a single extract 3000mg CBD oil. This oil contains just a huge amount of CBD and flavorless organic MCT coconut oil.

We offer FREE U.S. shipping on all Rare Cannabinoid Company orders!

Lastly, if anyone is interested in broad spectrum CBD oil, which means full spectrum with THC removed to below lab detectable levels, we suggest you take a look at our sister brand Hawaiian Choice. All Hawaiian Choice products contain broad spectrum Hawaiian CBD and can therefore be taken to and purchased in Japan and places with stricter THC laws than the USA.

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