THCV Gummies Review

A THCV Gummies Review From Leafly Discusses Their Effects On Appetite, Attention Span, Energy Levels & Combining Them With Our THC Mood Gummies!

Have you tried our extra strength THCV Gummies yet? Curious if they work for energy, focus, and decreased appetite? What happens if you combine them with our THC Mood Gummies? Then, check out this THCV Gummies review from Leafly.

We sent a jar of our THCV Gummies (as well as our Mood Gummies) to Leafly, the largest cannabis and hemp information website, for their expert reviewer to test out and write about.

Take a look at highlights from her review below. We separated them by category so you can easily see what you’re most interested in. You can also see Leafly’s full review or more THCV gummies reviews from customers. Plus, since this review, we launched gummies that essentially combine our THCV Gummies with THC Gummies in the form of THC THCV Gummies!

Highlights From Leafly’s THCV Gummies Review:

Quantity Of THCV

“Their THCV gummies are light-years away from would-be competitors in terms of cannabinoid content, with 12.5mg of pure THCV per gummy—whereas the nearest similar products typically contain 1-5mg of THCV or 10mg at the rare high end.”

Benefits of THCV

“Leafly calls THCV a “rare therapeutic gem” for its unique array of effects and medical benefits. THC is well known for stimulating feelings of hunger, THCV, by contrast, is an appetite suppressant. It’s said to produce a clear-headed, stimulating effect, and research shows serious promise that THCV may help with diabetes and Alzheimer’s, reduce panic attacks, act as an anti-inflammatory, stimulate bone growth, and more.”

THCV Gummies Review Taste Test

“I found the gummies had a fresh, bright citrus flavor with very little hemp taste, so that even first-thing in the morning, they were a welcome part of my routine, like taking a gummy multivitamin.”

First Effects Of Edibles

“After eating a meal, I wasn’t sure how quickly or how strongly I would feel effects, and I can say I was genuinely surprised when, within about 30-40 minutes, I felt a quite noticeable stimulant-like feeling, not dissimilar to the clear-headed energy buzz you might feel after a strong cup of coffee. The feeling helped get me out the door for a morning walk before work, where I noticed myself feeling creatively stimulated and focused on the day’s tasks ahead.”

THCV Effect On Appetite

“The cannabinoid’s reputation for appetite-suppressing effects bore out in my experience as well: Although I wasn’t completely disinterested in my regular breaks for healthy snacking that I pepper throughout my work-from-home weekdays, I did feel the need to remind myself to do so, because of the ease-of-focus I was feeling cruising through work tasks and a lack of more obvious stomach grumbling,” she said for the THCV Gummies review.

Afternoon Test

“I was grateful to find that eating a THCV gummy around 3 p.m. that day gave the same, distinct feeling of focused stimulation, allowing for an unexpected second wind in my day, where the sharp-eyed boost had me feeling creatively motivated to not only get the necessary work done but to enjoy doing it.”
“Effects felt slightly stronger this go-around as I was further away from a full meal, and I found myself not only getting the extra boost I needed to power through the end of my work day but also feeling energized enough to go meet up with friends after I finished up.”

Combo With THC Mood Gummies

“I found that the buzzy, uplifting high from the D-9 THC gummies combined with the clear-headed lift of the THCV gummies provided an experience that nicely mirrored the high-THCV, sativa-like effects I’ve gotten from strains like Durban Poison. If you want to get high and also feel the energy-boosting zip of THCV or help counter THC’s famous munchies, RCC’s full apothecary suite is here for you for that happy effects combining and more.”