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420 Deals & Freebies!

Let’s take a look at all of Rare Cannabinoid Company’s 420 deals!

Buy One Get One Half Off:

  • THC + CBC Mood Gummies – Each tasty vegan edible contains 5mg hemp-derived Delta-9-THC, 5mg CBC (cannabichromene), and 25mg CBD for blissful relaxation and happiness. Mood Gummies are naturally flavored with fresh lime and mint and there are 30 gummies per jar.

  • THC + THCV Uplift Gummies – Enjoy the euphoric uplift of 2.5mg Delta-9-THC minus the munchies and tiredness thanks to 12.5mg energizing, appetite controlling THCV oil per gummy. Each tasty sweet lemon edible also contains 10mg CBD oil for the entourage effect. There are 30 gummies per jar.

  • Hawaiian Choice CBD Topical Gel – Ease away aches and pains with this amazing CBD cooling balm from our luxury Hawaiian Choice line of premium Maui-grown CBD products. Our weightless gel is neither oily nor greasy. In addition to broad spectrum Hawaiian CBD oil, it also contains arnica, MSM, and other botanicals to relieve discomfort and support healthy joints. It is gently scented with eucalyptus and lemongrass.

25% Off:

  • Rare Hawaiian CBD: 1000mg full spectrum CBD oil extracted from premium Hawaiian hemp plants grown on the slopes of Maui’s Haleakala volcano.

  • Hawaiian Choice Relief CBD Oil: 1000mg broad spectrum Hawaiian CBD oil with three terpenes (eucalyptol, humulene, and gamma terpinene) for enhanced relief from discomfort and stress. The fantastic flavor comes from real Hawaiian lilikoi (passion fruit), pineapple, noni and honey.

  • Pure CBC Oil Tincture: Cannabichromene (CBC oil) is believed to improve mood by increasing levels of the brain’s “bliss” molecule anandamide. This tincture contains 500mg pure, non-psychoactive CBC cannabinoid in certified organic MCT coconut oil.

  • CBC + CBD Oil: Equal parts CBC oil for non-psychoactive mood improvement and full spectrum Hawaiian CBD oil. It is lightly flavored with wild orange and Italian lemon oils.

  • CBG + CBD Oil: Equal parts cannabigerol (CBG oil) to relieve discomfort, soreness, and support healthy joints and full spectrum Hawaiian CBD oil.

Celebrate 420 all year long!

In addition to the above deals, you can celebrate cannabis and hemp wellness all year long with our 420 deals and freebies.

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  • Freebies! Take our 1-minute cannabinoid quiz and you’ll receive a coupon code to choose up to 10 free gummies, $25 value for free! No purchase necessary, just pay shipping, or spend $99+ to get free shipping. All gummies are natural, vegan, and have lab reports on their full-size product pages. Select from:

    Mood Gummies: Gummies contain hemp-derived delta-9-THC, CBC cannabinoid and CBD oil. Mood Gummies are designed to deliver blissful 420 relaxation and happiness. Lime and mint flavored.

    THCV Gummies: Uplift, energize, and suppress your appetite with high potency THCV gummies with CBD. Take alone for increased focus, to help you exercise or eat less. Or, use THCV gummies to cut the munchies and reduce the risk of couch-lock when consuming THC from any other 420 deals. Lemon flavored.

    CBN Gummies: Designed to help you relax and sleep, these hemp gummies contain a large amount of CBN as well as CBD. Huckleberry flavored.

    THC + CBN Gummies: Like our CBN gummies, these edibles will help you fall asleep quickly and stay asleep. The addition of 5mg Delta-9-THC per gummy will bring euphoric dreams. Huckleberry flavored.

    CBG Gummies: Melt your physical and mental discomforts away with powerful CBG oil and CBD. Green apple flavored.

    THC + CBG Gummies: Like our CBG Gummies, these edibles offer soreness relief and joint support. Delta-9-THC is added to the CBG and CBD content to enhance effects. Green apple flavored.

Take our 1-minute cannabinoid quiz now to find the perfect combination of cannabinoid oils and gummies for your needs and get your coupon code for free Mood Gummies, Sleep Gummies, Relief Gummies, or THCV Uplift Gummies!

420 Deals – Roots of Term

Why do people refer to cannabis or marijuana sales as 420 deals?

The origins of 420 are murky but it probably dates back to students meeting on April 20 at 4:20pm to smoke marijuana. Popularized by the Grateful Dead, it grew into a celebration of cannabis consumption.

Over the years, the changing legal landscape and increased research into the plant’s dozens of active compounds, have morphed 420 from a stoner’s holiday into Cannabis / Hemp Awareness Month (April). 

We created our free THCV, CBN, CBG, and Mood Gummies 420 deals to help you celebrate the benefits of multiple cannabinoids depending on your needs.

(Adult use only 21+. All THC Gummies ship to all 50 United States but not abroad.)

Summary of Cannabis Deals

In summary, when we originally wrote this blog, we were referring to current 420 deals and freebies related to the April 20 cannabis holiday. However, we realized that many people were finding this page as they searched for “420 deals” along with “weed near me,” “best dispensaries near me” and more terms related to buying marijuana online or from dispensaries. Their queries for 420 deals were not related to the April holiday.

That’s why we updated this blog to show you where to find the latest 420 deals and freebies on our website.

All of our products are derived from hemp and contain less than 0.3% Delta-9-THC. They are federally legal and ship to all 50 states. Many products can also be shipped to many international destinations.

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