Single Extracts

Pure rare cannabinoids offer specific wellness benefits. This line is designed for you to customize your own blend. Combine them with each other or any full/broad spectrum CBD/THC oil to personalize your cannabinoid routine. (Scroll down for blends and CBD base oil.)

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Full Spectrum Blends

Our 1:1 blends start with organically grown Rare Hawaiian CBD Hemp Oil extract. The oil is then enhanced by matching the CBD content with your choice of rare cannabinoid for targeted results. These tinctures contain a full range of cannabinoids to encourage the entourage effect. They are lightly flavored with food grade organic Italian lemon and wild orange oils.

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Rare Hawaiian

CBD Hemp Extract

Our Full Spectrum CBD Oil is designed to be combined with our single extracts so you can create your own customized blends. It is produced on a small, organic farm on the Hawaiian island of Kauaʻi. This tincture contains twice the CBD of our blends and offers the “entourage effect.”

Rare CBD