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Extra Strength CBD Gummies

30 Gummies per Bottle
30mg CBD

Strong and tasty, our strawberry-flavored CBD oil gummies contain a high level of CBD to support stress resilience, balance, calm and ease discomfort. Calm gummies are vegan, naturally flavored and can be combined with our THCV, CBN, or CBG gummies to enhance specific effects.

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Extra Strength CBD Gummies

30mg CBD per Gummy | Zero THC* | 30 Gummies per Bottle 

CBD gummies contain a very high level of cannabidiol (CBD) to support stress resilience, balance, calm, and ease discomfort after exercise. These calm gummies are vegan and naturally strawberry flavored.

CBD oil gummies are intended to be combined with our THCV, CBN, or CBG gummies or other rare cannabinoids or terpenes to enhance specific effects.

*THC below lab detectable levels

How To Take It

Adults: Take 1/2 to 1 CBD gummy per occasion. Do not exceed 3 gummies in a 24-hour period unless advised by your healthcare provider.

Each CBN gummy contains 30mg CBD.* There are 30 gummies per bottle.

Store away from heat and light. Keep out of reach of children.
<h6><em style=”color: #232323;”>*Because our oils are formulated from natural extracts, there may be minor variations in cannabinoid potency. For exact potency, please visit our <strong style=”font-weight: bold;”><a style=”color: #232323;” href=”https://www.rarecannabinoidco.com/report/”>Lab Reports page</a> </strong>to look up your independent lab report.</em></h6>


CBD (Cannabidiol) Isolate, Non-GMO Tapioca Syrup, Sugar, Water, Pectin, and less than 2% Citric Acid, Natural Flavors, Natural Colors.

Lab Report / cGMP Certification

Independent lab report (CoA) | View Recent Lab Report: Batch 4458

Rare Cannabinoid Company runs multiple tests on each of our products. That means potency that matches what it says on the label, although since we are working with natural extracts, minor variations may occur. Find out exactly what’s in your bottle by downloading the full third-party independent lab report.

cGMP Certification

All Rare Cannabinoid Company products are produced in a cGMP certified facility. cGMP stands for the Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations monitored by the FDA. Complying with cGMP regulations assures the quality, purity, and strength of products through systems designed to monitor and control manufacturing processes and facilities.

We recommend combining CBD gummies with our extra strength rare cannabinoid gummies:

THCV gummies for energy and appetite control.

CBG gummies for soreness and discomfort.

CBN gummies for relaxation and sleep.

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16 reviews for CBD Gummies

  1. Mary B

    I love these CBD gummies! I have been using CBD oils for a few years but this was my first time trying gummies. They taste so good I really enjoy eating them and they work quickly for me. If I’m feeling annoyed in traffic or irritable at work or stressed out, I take one and feel so much better in less than half an hour.

  2. Vicky P

    I bought these to take along with their THCV gummies and really like them. Sometimes I take them together in the mornings, but usually I take the THCV gummies in the morning (to help me have more energy and eat less) and the CBD gummies later in the day when I’m ready to unwind.

  3. Jennifer M

    I really like these gummies. They taste delicious and they really help me relax. If I am stressed out I usually take a half of a gummy and they help me unwind. I will definitely repurchase.

  4. Lynett S

    I purchased these along with THCV and CBG gummies. I love the flavor of these, and I love the way they make me feel. When used all three together, the effect is wonderful. I have been told that I have fibromyalgia and I have had a hip replacement, so I am usually in quite a bit of pain. I do have my Medical Marijuana card, however I do not like to feel “high”. These combinations of products make me feel wonderful!

  5. Karen S

    These are delicious and soothing.

  6. Crystal M

    All the Rare Cannabinoid Company products are great. My daughter takes CBD and other variants to control her epilepsy. We found that Rare Cannabinoid products work better than the other products we’ve tried, and she likes the taste.

  7. Todd S

    The best cbd gummies on earth!! They really help me calm down and relieve stomach discomfort!!

  8. Lisa S

    This product helps my stress a tremendous amount! Much better than my medication does. The CBN helps with sleep and taken together with the CBD, relieves stress and helps me sleep. Couldn’t ask for a better product honestly 🙂

  9. Jeff W

    These are great tasting and have really been helpful when I’ve felt stressed or anxious! I also find them as a nice complement to the CBG gummie.

  10. Danielle C

    I love the bigger mouth bottle, it is much easier to get the gummies out. I take one CBD gummy at night with one ashwagandha gummy. I believe this combination helps me to sleep better. Sometimes I will take CBD with the CBG gummy. I love the products offered by Rare. They have been helpful with my daily pains. 10/10 recommend.

  11. David W

    I find these lovely gummies delightful – the flavor is light and fresh without being overly fruity. Best of all they help take off the edge when it’s there. Recommended.

  12. Joy P

    These CBD gummies from Rare Cannabinoid are the most potent and I have tried several different brands.
    They taste great, work quickly and are very effective. We use them for calming, sore muscles and sometimes in conjunction with THCV or CBG.

  13. kathy c

    these are a must for the holiday season! great to use when i know im going into a stressful, large group,loud environment! this is the only company i recommend to friends – i started using the pet CBD oil on my dogs, which is fantastic. thankful i found this company!

  14. Kristin L

    Really LOVED these zero THC gummies! My daughter struggles with stress and I really wanted to try CBD for her prior to going the prescription drug route. These worked wonderfully to support her particularly tough stressful moments. I watched her go from totally stressed out to noticeable calm and back in control within about 20 min. I’m now subscribed to autoship for these! Game changer for us!

  15. Becky C

    This has been a lifesaver to help with calmness and stress. The taste is perfect and the higher dosage is great so that only 1 gummy is need for relief. I am so thankful to have found this company.

  16. Jonathon F

    I was impressed with how I’ve felt the morning after taking these. I’ve been training for a half marathon lately and I take these before I go to sleep. I can’t say for sure if they do anything or not, but I can say I’ve been waking up without any pain or soreness and it has helped me continue my training with no setbacks. They taste great too.

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