CBD, Delta-9-THC,
Rare Cannabinoids

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There are more than 100 active compounds in hemp and cannabis. Each is believed to offer unique health and wellness benefits, ranging from THCV for energy and appetite control, to CBN for sleep. Explore by product type, by your wellness needs, or by cannabinoid.


Tinctures: Isolates & Full Spectrum Oils

Our vast selection of tinctures includes rare cannabinoid isolates, broad and full spectrum Hawaiian CBD and unique blends. Mix and match tinctures with each other or our THC gummies for enhanced effects.

  • CBD: Calm, balance, stress resilience
  • THCV: Energy, focus, appetite control
  • CBN: Relaxation and restful sleep
  • CBG: Discomfort relief, joint support
  • CBC: Improved mood, healthy skin
  • CBDV: Sociability, memory, irritability


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Delta-9-THC Mood Gummies with CBC, CBN for sleep, CBG for pain relief, and CBD gummies.

Topicals: CBG, THC, CBD Creams

Cooling Gels For Direct Application To Skin

For discomfort, soreness, joint support

Relieve muscle and joint aches with our cooling topical gels. We offer a new dispensary-strength THC, CBG and CBD cream with arnica, MSM, menthol and other natural plant ingredients as well as a THC-free option with premium Hawaiian CBD oil.


Pet CBD: Hawaiian CBD For Dogs, Cats

Want to help your dog or cat feel calmer or ease their discomfort? Try our premium broad spectrum Hawaiian Choice Pet CBD.

Our CBD oil for dogs and cats is fit for humans, formulated for pets. This means that it uses the same premium Hawaiian CBD oil as all of our luxury line of Hawaiian Choice CBD products. It also contains the same organic MCT coconut oil. The difference is in the dosing measurements and that there are no terpenes or flavors  that could upset a canine or feline friend.


Shop By Your Needs

Click on a category to see which products support your mental and physical needs. This can change with how you feel or even by time of day or activity.