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1. Where's my package? Online tracking tool

2. My package is showing online as delivered but I can't find it

3. My package is delayed in customs

Online Package Tracking

As soon as your order is packed (within one weekday), your tracking information is available on your Dashboard, and we will send you an email with a tracking link. No email? Check your spam filter.

Otherwise, there's 2 options:

To track your order, enter your order number and email address:

To track your order, please enter the tracking number you received in the shipping confirmation email

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My package is showing online as Delivered, but I can't find it

Is your package showing as "Delivered" online, but it's not there?

Don't worry, if your package doesn't show up we will make it right.

We ship hundreds of packages every week, and generally get 2-3 of these type reports but in almost every case the package will appear within a few days just by waiting.

The Reason:

Most free Ground shipments are with DHL, who then hand it over to USPS for the final part. The problem happens because USPS packages don't require signature and are delivered along with lots of other mail rather than a direct delivery visit just for you. Almost always, what's happened is that USPS has delivered it accidentally to a neighbor or occasionally the courier will even scan it before they arrive! Usually what happens next is that the neighbor leaves it in their mailbox and the courier realizes next visit it's the wrong address and redelivers.

The Solution:

Usually what we do is wait one week, because in literally 95% of the situations the package will show up a few days after it's been delivered.

So please wait 1 week since it was marked delivered, and if it still hasn't shown up then let us know (get in touch by clicking HERE) and we'll have it reshipped to you. 

In the meantime, please do a few things:

- Check the address is right in the shipping notification you received (the email with the tracking numbers).

- Check around your property, and leave a note for to your mail courier to see if they recall the package.

- If you know your neighbors, it would be very helpful to check with them.

My package is delayed in Customs

Is your package stuck in Customs?

Don't worry, if your package doesn't arrive we will make it right.

The Reason:

Hemp products (with low THC) are legal pretty much everywhere, but these types of products are new and there's often conflicting legislation and therefore confusion on what's allowed. Generally there's no problem shipping them internationally, but occasionally they will get stuck in Customs. We believe this usually happens because of misunderstanding by Customs agents of what is in the box - for example they sometimes confuse THCV for THC. This can cause delays, which usually release the package within 1-2 weeks, but sometimes the packages can sit in "limbo" forever.

The Solution:

Usually what we do is wait two weeks from when they arrived in Customs, at which point we determine they are "stuck" and can take the next step (reshipping it at no charge).

So please wait 2 weeks since it was marked received in Customs, and if it still hasn't moved then let us know by getting in touch HERE