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Croptober: Harvesting Cannabis

It’s “Croptober”, time for harvesting cannabis across north America. As the foliage transitions into a spectrum of vibrant hues and the atmosphere turns brisk, this unique time of the year beckons outdoor cultivators to ready themselves for a fruitful cannabis harvest. Here, we’ll delve into the origins, importance, and customs entwined with this agricultural event, shedding light on the rich tapestry of Croptober’s history.

Why is harvesting cannabis referred to as Croptober? Of course, the name “Croptober” is a play on words, combining “crop” with “October.”

Why does harvesting cannabis take place in October?

Several factors contribute to the significance of October for cannabis cultivation:

  • Harvest Season: In regions with a seasonal climate, October is Croptober because it is often the time when cannabis and hemp plants that were planted earlier in the year, typically during the spring, are ready for harvest. Outdoor cannabis plants generally require several months of growth to reach maturity and produce buds rich in cannabinoids and terpenes.
  • Optimal Climatic Conditions: In numerous regions where outdoor cannabis and hemp cultivation thrive, the climate in October emerges as the prime window for harvesting. Cannabis plants have an insatiable appetite for sunlight, experiencing robust growth during the summer season. By the advent of October, these plants have ascended to their prime in terms of cannabinoid abundance, aromatic potency, and flavor richness.
  • Flowering Phase: Cannabis plants typically initiate their flowering phase during the late summer months. This stage is characterized by the development of resin-rich flowers, commonly known as buds, which are ultimately harvested for consumption. These blossoms reach their peak quality and potency in October, making it the ideal time for the harvesting process.
  • Preempting Frost’s Arrival: Among outdoor cultivators, the onset of frost signifies the culmination of the growth cycle. Conducting the harvest prior to the first frost is imperative to safeguard the caliber and potency of the cannabis yield. October strikes a harmonious equilibrium, marking the conclusion of the growing season while averting the advent of freezing temperatures.

Croptober’s Origins

While the Croptober celebration has gained notable popularity in recent years, its historical roots extend deep into the annals of North American cannabis cultivation.

  • Indigenous Beginnings: The cultivation of cannabis boasts a history spanning centuries. Indigenous cultures, including Native Americans and certain South American tribes, purportedly integrated cannabis into their practices for medicinal, spiritual, and ceremonial purposes. These time-honored traditions have cast a lasting imprint on the contemporary festivities of Croptober.
  • Prohibition and Reawakening: The early 20th century ushered in a wave of prohibition that outlawed the growth, distribution, and use of cannabis across various parts of the globe, including the United States. Nevertheless, in the latter half of the century, cannabis experienced a remarkable resurgence in popularity. This resurgence laid the cornerstone for the modern-day celebration of Croptober.

Today’s Croptober Cannabis Harvest

In some cannabis-friendly regions, there are events and celebrations that coincide with Croptober to mark the cannabis harvest. These events may include cannabis festivals, educational workshops, and community gatherings.

  • Community and Comradery: More than just an observance of the cannabis plant, Croptober encapsulates a profound spirit of community and camaraderie. Cultivators share insights, forge connections, and cultivate a nurturing milieu for those engaged in the cannabis industry.
  • Celebrating Cannabis Culture: Croptober transcends mere cannabis harvest festivities; it stands as a testament to the enduring cannabis culture. This period offers an opportunity to delve into diverse strains, consumption techniques, and to savor the plant’s remarkable versatility.

Celebration Transcends Cannabis Harvesting Needs

It’s important to note that the significance of Croptober primarily applies to outdoor cannabis cultivation, which is subject to the natural light and climate conditions of a specific region. There are of course many indoor cannabis cultivators now as well as locations, like ours in Hawaii, which have a year round climate instead of distinct seasons and different cannabis harvesting needs. However, we all like to join in and celebrate this important time for our industry. We also get many of our rare cannabinoids from select hemp farms across the United States. We choose specific extracts so that we can provide the very best products including CBN gummies for sleep, THCV gummies for energy and appetite suppression, CBC cannabinoid products for mood improvement, CBG gummies for occasional pain and inflammation, and of course our Mood Gummies with Delta-9-THC, CBC, and CBD oils. We also choose premium hemp harvests from across the United States so that we can offer largest selection of naturally occurring cannabinoid oils and terpene-only tinctures, topicals, and Pet CBD.

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