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Alcohol and Cannabis: Is Cannabis Replacing Beer?

Is cannabis replacing beer? A new study in Canada says yes. American states that have legalized cannabis have also reported a decline in alcohol sales. This could be because most Americans view alcohol as far more harmful than cannabis, according to a recent poll. Let’s dive into the latest studies and polls on alcohol and cannabis.

“Substitution effect”

This new study found that legalizing cannabis is “associated with a decline in beer sales” and consumption.

The study on alcohol and cannabis examined beers sales in Canada before and after the legalization of recreational cannabis in 2018. It found an average monthly decrease of 13,600 liters of beer per 100,000 people post-legalization. Data from the 2022-23 fiscal year also showed that Canada generated more tax revenue from cannabis than from wine and beer combined.

The researchers interpreted the findings as evidence of a “substitution effect” where people are choosing cannabis over beer as their intoxicant of choice. 

Several states in the United States that have legalized cannabis have also reported similar findings.

This Gallup poll found that Americans view cannabis to be far less harmful than alcohol, which may be contributing to the shift away from alcohol and toward cannabis.

Is cannabis healthier than alcohol?

Research into cannabis is still limited, but it is believed to offer many health and wellness benefits. Conversely, we know that excessive alcohol use can damage cells and that the WHO recently said there is no amount of alcohol that is beneficial to humans.

We recently shared a blog with you about CBD, rare cannabinoids and alcohol. The blog looks at studies showing that CBD may actually protect against alcohol’s negative effects and shows potential for helping alcoholism.

Meanwhile, THCV may help reduce nicotine use and researchers want to test its potential effectiveness against other substance addictions. 

To learn more about the various compounds and their effects, see our blog here: CBD and alcohol: Everything to know

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